Level 26 Secrets

When you start the level, there's a secret door right behind you (#1) which leads to a big room with lots of bad guys and items. The teleporter on the acid floor in the west area of the room takes you to a platform where you can jump and get the plasma gun.

When you start the level, there's a secret door right to the east of you (#2). Hit the switch to lower the room first, then hit space on the south part of the east wall. This door leads to a network of tunnels that contain lots of interesting items, including another hidden door. To find it, go through the door and go north. Jump down into the slime and go north into another room. In the southeast corner of this room is another secret door, which you can only go through when the room is lowered (hit the switch to do this). This door leads to a teleporter which takes you outside to an area with a rocket launcher, as well as imps and a mancubus. Another way to get outside is to take the teleporter on the floor in the red key room (watch the third demo), but if you do this, you don't get credit for any secrets.

The blue keycard has a secret door behind it (#3) revealing a switch that lowers two lifts, revealing two areas to the north and south of the acid pool to your east, which contain some cacodemons. The south area contains a trigger line that raises the floor near the east door, and a switch which opens that door. The north area contains blue armor, and a secret door on the east wall (#4) leading to some health potions and a supercharger.


 1  29 <  e00000,ffb80000> (  224,   -72)
 2  34 < 16c0000,  200000> (  364,    32)
 3  98 <f8380000, 3a00000> (-1992,   928)
 4 121 <fb6c0000, 4e00000> (-1172,  1248)

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