Level 28 Secrets

In the south part of the map is a room with five columns and a throne. Walk up to the throne to lower the middle column, and then go stand on it (#1). (You need to do this in order to complete the level, so I don't see why it's a secret.) When the column raises up again, you will see two switches to the north and south. The south one reveals the yellow key. The north one reveals a passage beyond the yellow key, as well as four hell knights, an arch-vile, and (fortunately) an invulnerability sphere, some rockets, and a teleporter which takes you to the ledge on the east side of the room (#2), where you can get another invulnerability sphere and a megasphere.

In the southwest part of the map is a hallway which leads west and then north. At the bend in the hallway is a small niche to the south containing an arachnotron, who will come out and attack you. To enter the niche (#3), just walk through the south wall. There is also another niche farther north containing some chaingunners and troopers, as well as ammo and health (#4). Just walk through the east wall.

In the northeast part of the map is a room with five columns. As soon as you enter, some hidden doors will open up and lots of monsters will come out. As soon as you kill all the monsters, look on the automap, and you will see three secret doors in the niches where the monsters were. The southwest niche has a secret door leading east to a supercharger (#5). The southeast niche has a secret door leading north to four backpacks, a medikit, and a revenant (#6). The northeast niche has a secret door leading east to a mancubus and a beserker (#7).

To find the exit, go to the room with three round symbols on the walls. (You're probably going to come into this room from the southeast; in order to enter from the north, you have to walk through a wall.) Shooting the symbol on the south wall will reveal a rocket launcher in the middle of the room. Shooting the symbol on the east wall will open the door to the southeast; and shooting the symbol on the west wall will open the door to the southwest, which leads to the exit.


 1  54 < 3e00000,f1a00000> (  992, -3680)
 2  55 < 5b00000,f1a00000> ( 1456, -3680)
 3  17 <fdc80000,f3c00000> ( -568, -3136)
 4   3 <fea80000,f5a00000> ( -344, -2656)
 5  88 < 4240000,ff440000> ( 1060,  -188)
 6  92 < 6440000,  840000> ( 1604,   132)
 7  93 < 6440000, 3dc0000> ( 1604,   988)

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