Level 30 Secrets

The only secret here is how to complete the level. At the south end of the final room is a switch which raises the platform in the lava to the north (with the box of rockets). Hit the switch and wait for the platform to go up. Then go to the platform, hit space to lower it, and get on. Just before it gets to the top, shoot a rocket into the exposed brain of the demon. Then jump down and lower the platform again. This takes about three rockets.

I have made a .lmp of me finishing Level 30 on ultra-violence, but you'll need Doom II 1.9 to view it. If you don't have that version of Doom II, you'll get an error like "demo is from wrong game version."

When you go first through the teleporter, the demon says, "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero," backwards and slowed-down (John Romero is one of Id Software's founders). If you turn on no-clipping mode (type idclip) and go through the middle of the north wall (where you see the exposed brain), you can see John Romero's head on a stake. If you shoot it, you win the game (although you should really try to kill it without cheating). You can't see the head on the stake without cheating.

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