Explanation of Coordinates

Every level (except those with no secrets) has a list like this in its secrets list entry:
 1 109 <fc600000, 2600000> ( -928,   608)
 2 118 <fd070000, 3050000> ( -761,   773)
 3  16 < 5c00000, 6db0000> ( 1472,  1755)
 4  17 < 5ac0000, 6c00000> ( 1452,  1728)
 5  22 < 5840000, 6ec0000> ( 1412,  1772)
 6  43 < 2d50000, c950000> (  725,  3221)
These coordinates are intended to help you find where the secrets are. The first number is the secret number, of course. The next number is the sector number; this is only useful to people with Heretic level editors. (There is no way to view your sector number in the game.) After that comes the hex coordinates, i.e. <fc600000, 2600000>. Doom allowed you to display these coordinates in the game, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that in Heretic. I've left them in for now; I'll remove them later if it turns out that there really is no way to display the coordinates from within the game. After the hex coordinates come decimal coordinates; again, these are only useful for people with level editors.
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