E1M1 Secrets

In the southeast corner of your starting room, behind the barrels, is a secret door (hit the space bar on the light patch of wall) containing a gargoyle and a silver shield.

Behind the yellow door is a hallway which leads west to a corner leading north. If you walk up to the southwest part of the corner, a door will open revealing gauntlets.

In the area behind the yellow door is a circular area with a switch on a ledge to the north of it. Just to the north of the switch is a secret door (under the low ceiling) leading to a crossbow (#3) and a tome. Hitting the switch opens the door to the south of the circular area, as well as a door south of the windowed area to your north. The door leads to a teleporter which takes you to the lake north of that area. There is a golem standing by the teleporter exit, so be careful. Out on the lake you will find some goodies and some warriors guarding a bag of holding. The teleporter to the east (#4) gets you out of the lake.


 1   6 < 21c0000,fc6d0000> (  540,  -915)
 2 144 <f88a0000,fcbc0000> (-1910,  -836)
 3  15 <fd5c0000,fed30000> ( -676,  -301)
 4  24 <  b00000, 4d40000> (  176,  1236)

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