E1M2 Secrets

South of the central area is a door which has three other doors behind it. Just to the right of the last door is a secret door which leads to a tome; also, it provides a convenient way to kill the warriors who would otherwise be throwing stuff at you from behind a one-way wall.

In the southeast is a room with seven pillars in it. To the west of the pillars is an area with a switch that opens a door (#2) east of the yellow key, which leads to a staircase with lots of monsters on it. When you reach the bottom of the staircase, a dragon claw is revealed to the southwest. Be careful of the ceiling when getting it, though.

On the west side of the courtyard behind the yellow door is a dark patch of wall. This is a secret door which leads to a shadowsphere and health, and some gargoyles.

South of the slime pit is a small room with some warriors in it. Behind the warriors is a secret door which leads to some time bombs and a map (#4). As you return from getting the map, you will be attacked by some golems who were hiding behind a newly opened door. East of this door is another secret door which leads to the gauntlets (#5).

In the northwest area of the map is a long stairway that leads east and curves around to the southwest. At the point where it starts to curve around is a dark area; southwest of this area is a secret door which leads to some wings (#6). At the top of the staircase is a door to a room with some orbs; as you enter the room, doors will open on either side revealing some monsters. In the middle of the south wall is a secret door leading to a staircase with a bunch of goodies just out of reach. Near the bottom of the staircase is a trigger line which lowers a lift. If you get on the lift and wait for it to go back up, it will take you to the ledge with the goodies on it. The trigger line which lowers the lift also lowers the high platform behind the yellow door; this platform contains a purple vial and a quiver of arrows. You can also use the wings to get these goodies.

As you get the blue key, a lot of monsters are revealed, including some warriors to your east. There is a bag of holding in the area where the warriors were hiding. Northwest of the bag of holding is a secret door which leads to a long hallway (#7) with some ammo and health, and a lot of gargoyles. The hallway leads to the northwest area.


 1  83 < 2580000,fb550000> (  600, -1195)
 2  96 < 5a00000,  600000> ( 1440,    96)
 3  32 <fe9a0000,fbe00000> ( -358, -1056)
 4  47 <fe100000,fe490000> ( -496,  -439)
 5  38 <ff1a0000,fde70000> ( -230,  -537)
 6 190 < 1600000, 50c0000> (  352,  1292)
 7 161 < 5310000, 75a0000> ( 1329,  1882)

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