E1M3 Secrets

After going through the yellow door, take the south steps first; near the top of the steps is a trigger line which opens a door in the room through the window to your east. Go back down the steps, and take the north set of steps this time. This will eventually lead you to the room which has the door you just opened; the room beyond the door contains the gauntlets, arrows, and a switch. Hit the switch and go back to the yellow door. There will be a small staircase southwest of the door with a tome at the top. Get the tome and jump into the lake. At the south end of this (very windy) lake is a shore with lots of ammo (#1); this ammo will come in very handy, as it turns out.

Getting the yellow key causes a switch to be revealed on the way back. It lowers the platform that silver shield is on, south of the starting area. Hit the switch behind it, then go north towards the starting point. As you go through the wall which separates the north and south sides of the courtyard, you will see a teleporter on your right, which takes you to a ledge to the south. Get the tome and jump off the ledge, and go back north. This time, you will see a teleporter on your left with takes you to the ledge to the north (#2), which contains lots of goodies. When you've gotten them all, jump off the ledge onto the pool in the southwest part of the courtyard; the pool contains a dragon claw.


 1 106 <fc600000, 2680000> ( -928,   616)
 2   9 <fabf0000,f4ca0000> (-1345, -2870)

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