E1M4 Secrets

In the southeast corner of the map is a ledge south of a lake. The south wall of this ledge contains a secret door which leads to a teleporter; this takes you to an area in the west part of the map where you can find a map, an egg, and some ammo.
Just east of your starting point is a secret door with a tome behind it.
In the south area of the map (west of the double spiral staircase) is a ledge leading south to a small building with some warriors and a shadowsphere in it (This is at the top of the stairs which lead west from the yellow door). To open the building's door, jump off the ledge and go east, then north through the corridor into the center of the spiral staircase. This will open the door to the building; also, the green key is in this area.


 1  42 <f2b60000, 1bc0000> (-3402,   444)

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