E1M6 Secrets

Northwest of your starting point is a niche with a secret door. Behind it are some gauntlets (#1). When you enter this room, the niche to the northeast of your starting point will open, revealing a golem (#2). You have to actually enter the niche to get credit for the secret.

In the dark room with the stained glass windows and the four pillars which go up and down from the ceiling, you will find three secrets. Go up the steps on the east end and walk north along the ledge to the north side of the ledge. There is a one-way wall here which leads to an area with some warriors (you probably figured that out already), some golems, and a tome (#3). Leave this area and walk south along the ledge. On the south side of the room is a secret door behind one of the stained glass windows (between the skulls). The room behind this door (#4) has another secret door on the east side, which leads to a teleporter back to the starting point. This west side of the room contains ammo and some time bombs. Returning to the stained glass window room, you will find a secret door in a niche in the northwest corner which reveals a map scroll (#5). Behind the map is a secret door which leads back to the room behind the yellow door.

The building in the center of the graveyard has a secret door on its outer west wall, which leads to a shadowsphere (#6). Inside the building, you will find the southwest corner lit up; there is a secret door here leading to some ammo, a switch, and a teleporter. The switch raises the steps leading to the green door. The teleporter leads to the tome on the east side of the building. Northwest of the building you will find a door which leads to a teleporter. This takes you to a small room with an egg (#7). North of the egg is a secret door which takes you back to the starting room.

In the area behind the green door you will find a switch near a ledge which looks out onto the room east of the yellow door. Hitting the switch will reveal a second switch on the northeast side of this room; this switch will reveal the exit teleporter in the center of the room. Walking off the ledge where you found the first switch will reveal a secret door just south of it. Go back through the green door and return to the first switch; on the way, you will see an open door on your left, just past a series of windows. Through this door (#8) is a lot of goodies and disciples. You will find a switch in here which opens a door at the bottom of the steps which leads to the secret exit teleporter. This takes you to the secret level, level 9.

To get to the graveyard area, first get to the dark room with the stained glass windows and the four pillars which lower from the ceiling. This is the room to the east of the room behind the yellow door. On the east side of this room is a door to a small room. In the southeast corner of this room is a secret door (though it's easy to see on the map) which leads to a small staircase which loops around to a ledge which faces north. Run north off the ledge. (You can run by holding down the shift key while hitting the up arrow. Actually, the run key could have been bound to something else in the setup program.) When you hit the top of the platform north of the ledge, a lift will lower on the north side of the room. Jump down into this lift to find a path leading north to the graveyard area.

The starting room (the one with the trident) has an area south of it with a bunch of stained glass windows on the west and east sides. Using your wings, if you fly up to one of the windows (except the southernmost ones), a bunch of secret doors will open behind them, revealing some goodies and monsters.


 1 214 <f5400000, 7940000> (-2752,  1940)
 2 193 <f6800000, 7940000> (-2432,  1940)
 3 258 <  c00000,ff0b0000> (  192,  -245)
 4   2 <  c00000,f8f70000> (  192, -1801)
 5 282 <fe880000,fe600000> ( -376,  -416)
 6 248 <fa850000, 4390000> (-1403,  1081)
 7 187 <f7400000, 5180000> (-2240,  1304)
 8  47 <f7cd0000,f8350000> (-2099, -1995)

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