E1M7 Secrets

North of the large west-east crushing ceiling is a small niche to the left, and some stairs on the right. Walk into the niche; a door will be revealed to a room with a little bit of ammo and some monsters. Killing the monsters now saves some trouble later, since they can throw things at you through the windows to the north and west.

In the northeast part of the map is a square tower with 8 pillars embedded in it, with a river of slime running west and east through it. Standing on the ledge west of it, go south and cross the chasm on the path you find there. At the end of the path, you will see a secret door straight ahead of you. This door leads to some goodies, plus a ledge across the slime to more goodies (#2). South of this ledge, in the slime pit, is a staircase leading up to a tome (#3). Jump down from the tome ledge; there is a switch to the northwest that will lower a lift that you can use to get out of the slime pit.

North of the square tower, in the pit, is a path leading to a shadowsphere. Behind it is a lift; hurry along the path, since the lift is triggered by a line at the bottom of the stairs. The lift takes you to an area which (assuming you have already gotten the stuff in the tower) contains a teleporter to a ledge in the southeast part of the map (#4). Here you will find a tome, arrows, a purple vial, and some warriors (which you should probably kill beforehand).

After you get the blue key, a door will open in the lake just east of the yellow door. This leads to a shield, an energy orb, and a teleporter to the tower with 8 pillars. (There's a secret door in the southwest corner of the blue key room, BTW; you need it to finish the level, but it's somewhat hard to find.)

Just east of the exit door is a coffin. Stand on it to reveal a passage to the south to a place with some disciples and goodies, just south of your starting point.


 1 136 <f8500000, 14c0000> (-1968,   332)
 2 216 <fd580000,ff540000> ( -680,  -172)
 3 222 <fd8f0000,  340000> ( -625,    52)
 4 314 < 2ee0000,f8d80000> (  750, -1832)
 5  32 <fb3c0000,fc010000> (-1220, -1023)
 6  76 <f5700000,f4a00000> (-2704, -2912)

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