E1M8 Secrets

The room south of your starting point (the one with all the exploding green balls) has a secret door in each corner (#1-4); one of the doors leads to an invulnerability ring, which comes in very handy later. Also, note that if you open the door to the south and walk through it, the ledge separating you from the golems will drop down so you (and they) can walk through it. You may want to open this door right away, and then go back north and shoot the green balls to kill the golems. The area the golems are in has a lot of health and ammo as well.

Finishing this level isn't that hard if you make frequent use of tomes, wings (especially in the room with the liches), invulnerability rings, and eggs. To download a demo, click here.


 1  31 <fd200000, 4050000> ( -736,  1029)
 2  33 <fee00000, 4050000> ( -288,  1029)
 3  54 <fee00000, 13a0000> ( -288,   314)
 4  58 <fd200000, 13a0000> ( -736,   314)

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