E2M2 Secrets

In the southeast is a room with two wedge-shaped lifts west of a river of slime. (At the east side of the river is a pit with a lot of goodies, BTW.) Go to the top of one of the lifts and get all the stuff up there. When you're done, stand in the middle of the western ledge and jump off to the west. This will open a door to your south, at the edge of the dark area; through the door you will find a shadowsphere (#1). Watch your back, though.

To the east of the green door is a staircase leading to a room with strange lighting on the floor. In the northwest corner of this room is a secret door to a room with ammo and a hellstaff. In the northeast corner of the strangely-lit room is a staircase leading down to a ledge overlooking the room with the river of slime. In the northeast corner of this room is a blue tapestry. This marks a secret door leading to a tome, a quiver, and an egg.

The exit room has a secret door in the southeast corner; the door is opened by the same switch that reveals the exit teleporter. The door leads to a room with ammo and a bag of holding (#4). There is also a door to the south which leads to a teleporter to the river room.

After you get #4, a door will open south of the lava lake in the west. This leads to a room with an ironlich (#5), an enchanted shield, and an urn.


 1 127 < 3c00000, 1cb0000> (  960,   459)
 2  31 < 3e00000, 8190000> (  992,  2073)
 3  46 < 7600000, 5300000> ( 1888,  1328)
 4   5 < 2830000, 6110000> (  643,  1553)
 5 140 <fe990000, 3420000> ( -359,   834)

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