E2M4 Secrets

In the middle of the starting area, along the boundary between the annoying ice and the lava, you will find a niche with a low ceiling, southeast of the egg. In it, you will find a crossbow. Entering the niche will open an area to the north containing a tome (#1).

Just past the blue door is a trigger line which opens a door to the secret exit. After opening the blue door, walk down the first few steps and then come back (or clear out that area if you want, but don't take the exit you find there). Go get the wings if you haven't already; they're in the room northeast of the little pillar that had the torch on it; the door to this building opens when you get the blue key. After getting the wings, a door will open revealing a teleporter in the northeast part of the blue key building (just south of the building with the wings). This will teleport you back up to the ramparts overlooking the starting area. (I suppose you could just use the wings if you want.) Jump down to the southeast and go through the yellow door. In the south part of the room is an open door leading to a short hallway (#2) which takes you to the exit to level 9. By the way, the teleporters in this room take you up to the towers west and east of the entrance. The south end of each tower overlooks a stained glass window which has a fire orb on it; jump down to get it.


 1 207 < 1ae0000,fda80000> (  430,  -600)
 2 112 < 3280000,ef440000> (  808, -4284)

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