E2M5 Secrets

On the east side of the map is a series of waterfalls leading down to a room with an ironlich. Just before you jump down into this room, you will see a switch to your north. Hit the switch, then jump down and take one of the teleporters that just lowered. This will take you to the northeast corner of the room. West of you is an opening to the north, leading to an area with mace spheres and a tome (#1).

Behind the green door you will find a staircase with six pictures of cloaked figures on either side. The middle one on the right (the one that blinks) conceals a secret door to a niche with an inferno orb (#2). Once you get it, the other five pictures will open to reveal niches containing various other goodies and monsters.

At the top of the steps past the green door is a platform with steps to the north and south of it. At the bottom of the north set of steps is another secret door concealed by a picture of a cloaked figure. Behind this door is a teleporter to a small area with a phoenix rod (#3) and an enchanted shield; behind the shield is a secret door to an area with some ammo and a bag of holding. On the east side of this area is a switch which lowers a lift (actually a waterfall) that takes you up to the top of the series of waterfalls on the east side of the map. (Actually, you can get into the room with the bag from the east side, too; just hit the switch to lower the waterfall, jump down, and walk west. You can't open the secret door to #3 from that side, though.)

West of the platform with the blue key is a small area with wings and some mace spheres (#4); just jump across to the opening. Then jump down into the slime. (Now would be a good time to use the ring of invincibility.) Then run south and go through the opening to the southwest. In it, you will find ammo, a hellstaff (#5), a ring of invincibility (to replace the one you just used?), and various monsters. There is also a teleporter back to the starting area.

After getting the green key, go back to the top of the series of waterfalls at the east end of the map. Jump down to the area below the first waterfall. North of the yellow door you will see a door which opened after you hit the switch behind the yellow door. Through this door is an area with some ammo and a tome. Also, if you got the green key, there will be an opening to an area with more ammo and a chaos device (#6).

The starting area has a dragon claw in it. Go up the first set of steps leading north, and then jump down to the southeast.


 1 140 <f8010000,fbb70000> (-2047, -1097)
 2 206 <f7a00000, 1500000> (-2144,   336)
 3  87 <fa000000, 3e00000> (-1536,   992)
 4  32 <fa070000,fe400000> (-1529,  -448)
 5  25 <fc690000,f9700000> ( -919, -1680)
 6  63 <fe3f0000,ff630000> ( -449,  -157)

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