E2M6 Secrets

In each of the four corners of the area surrounding the maze, you will find a small area with a door and a picture of a cloaked figure. When you walk through the door (or, in the case of the northwest one, out into the ice hallway surrounding the maze) the cloaked figure will raise up to reveal a secret room. The northwest one contains gauntlets (#1); the northeast one contains a bag (#2); the southeast one contains a ring of invincibility (#3); and the southwest one contains a tome (#4).

In the hallway east of the maze is a picture of a figure wearing a loincloth; this picture conceals a secret door to an egg and a shield (#5).

South of the blue key is a teleporter. When you take the teleporter, a secret door will be opened, south of the green door, on the west wall. This area (#6) leads back to the area near the start; it contains ammo and an enchanted shield. At the west end of this area is a bright patch of wall; walk up to it, and it will open to reveal a disciple or two and a phoenix rod (#7).


 1 242 <fe2a0000,  560000> ( -470,    86)
 2 233 < 7560000, 1560000> ( 1878,   342)
 3  65 < 8560000,f82a0000> ( 2134, -2006)
 4  37 <ff2a0000,f72a0000> ( -214, -2262)
 5 151 < 7880000,fca00000> ( 1928,  -864)
 6  21 <ff060000,f6180000> ( -250, -2536)
 7  30 <fd150000,f64e0000> ( -747, -2482)

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