E2M7 Secrets

In the south area of the map is an area with some crates. In the northeast corner is a staircase leading down to the north; when you get to the bottom of it, a door will open to the west of the crates room; behind it you will find ammo, health, and time bombs (#1).

The blue door room has two ledges to the north and south; each one has a lift on the east side. Go up the south lift, and go to the west end of the ledge. Stand back a bit, and then walk west over the side; you should land on the ledge on the west side of the room. The west wall is a secret door to an area with ammo and a tome (#2).

The south ledge of the blue door room has an opening to the south; when you walk through it into the next room, a door will open on the south side of it. Go through the door; you'll find ammo and a ring through there (#3).

Getting the blue key opens a door to a small area west of the green door. Hit the switch in this area; it will open a door to the northeast, which leads down to a slimy area to the north, where you'll find ammo, a phoenix rod (#4) and an enchanted shield. There is also a path to the east which leads to the area just northwest of the starting point. There is a switch there which lowers a lift which takes you back up to the start; on top of the switch is a shadowsphere.


 1  30 <f7780000,f5890000> (-2184, -2679)
 2 156 <fbdc0000,f8800000> (-1060, -1920)
 3  72 < 11b0000,f30b0000> (  283, -3317)
 4 106 <f8c70000,  d50000> (-1849,   213)

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