E2M9 Secrets

From the start, go down the first three sets of steps, then back up two sets, then walk into the area to the west. There you will find a quiver and a bag.

In the north area of the map is a large ice "staircase". The north side of the room has three stained glass windows. Walk up to one of them, and they will open to reveal lots of goodies (#2).

Southwest of the ice staircase is a stained glass window. Standing on the staircase, you can run southwest and land on the edge of it. When you do, the window will open, revealing an ironlich and a possible mace (#3).

After you get the yellow key, don't get the teleporter to the east; instead, jump down and go through one of the doors in the northeast and northwest corners of the room. Hit the switch back there, then go to the northwest corner of the area, jump down into the passage, where you see the banner, and take the teleporter at the end of the passage. Here you will find a tome, wings, arrows (#4), and a teleporter back to the starting room.

Go through the green door, walk to the south end of the hallway, then walk west to the other hallway; just to the northwest is a secret door, on the west wall, right by the step. Walk up to it, and it will open to reveal a ring of invincibility (#5).

Go through the green door, walk to the south end of the hallway, then walk to the north end of the passage to the west; this passage ends at an urn. Walk east of the urn, and then walk up to the north wall to reveal a hellstaff (#6).

The room on the east side of the map, the room with the lava pool, has a secret door in the northwest corner, south of the stairs, between the skulls on poles. Behind it is a teleporter to a small room; the south side of the room has a secret door to a room with a phoenix rod (#7). The north side of the room has a secret door to the ice staircase room. There is also a teleporter to a small room. This room has a secret door on the east side to the lava pool room; it also has a tome in multiplayer mode.

After you enter the exit room, a secret door will open to the south, revealing two teleporters. The west one goes to a room with ammo and a map (#8); the east one goes to an area east of the lava pool, with an urn (#9) and health and ammo.


 1 170 <ffbf0000,fcdf0000> (  -65,  -801)
 2  97 <  800000, abd0000> (  128,  2749)
 3  68 <fd400000, 4b00000> ( -704,  1200)
 4  93 <  600000, e050000> (   96,  3589)
 5 162 < 1a00000,fa600000> (  416, -1440)
 6  33 < 2800000, 1400000> (  640,   320)
 7  64 < 3a00000, 3e00000> (  928,   992)
 8 145 <ff090000,fa080000> ( -247, -1528)
 9 134 < 9700000,fe600000> ( 2416,  -416)

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