E3M6 Secrets

West of the yellow door is a hallway with two switches at the west end. Hit both switches; some doors will open to the north and south. The area to the north has ammo and a shield (#1); the area to the south has ammo and an urn (#2).

Southwest of the blue door is a walk-through wall, just between the banners. Behind the wall is a hallway (#3) leading to some ammo, an egg, and those annoying ophidians that have been shooting at you.

After you hit the switches mentioned in #1, run south from your starting point to reach the staircase to the south. (You can also get here by going through the opening east of the exit.) Go to the west side of the pool and walk north over the three red patches. After you cross the second red patch, a door will open to the west. Go west through the door, and go up the steps; in the room at the top of the steps, you will see a small room to the east with a bag of holding (#4). Now go back and get the phoenix rod, southwest of the pool in the starting area. Some doors will open to the west and south, with some goodies inside. Then go through one of the windows to the left or right of the phoenix rod. There's a map in there (#5). In the south part of the room is a staircase leading down to the east. At the bottom of the staircase is a secret lift to the north (#6), which takes you up to an area with a bag of holding and time bombs. If you go east from the bottom of the staircase, you will come to a secret door, which opens to reveal an area with an urn, a bag of holding, and some mace spheres (#7).

Go through the green door and walk into the water; this will open some secret doors west of the hallway you just left. Go back and go into the secret areas to the north and south; they contain some ammo, a possible mace, a shadowsphere (#8), and a tome (#9).

Go to the top of the steps at the south side of the maulotaur pool east of the green door. This will lower the pool, revealing an area to the north (#10). It contains wings, ammo, and a teleporter back up to the top of the steps.

In the west side of the pool in the starting area, in the northwest corner, is a quiver. West of the quiver is a secret door which contains a ring of invincibility and a teleporter to a ledge in the east part of the pool, which has a hellstaff, some ammo, and health.


 1  23 <fb400000, 6020000> (-1216,  1538)
 2   9 <fa970000, 3d40000> (-1385,   980)
 3 213 <f7a80000,fc450000> (-2136,  -955)
 4  11 <fc800000, 3600000> ( -896,   864)
 5  74 <fba40000,fc200000> (-1116,  -992)
 6  85 <fef00000,fb740000> ( -272, -1164)
 7  54 < 1e90000,fac20000> (  489, -1342)
 8 122 <f6d00000, 2e00000> (-2352,   736)
 9 223 <f6d00000,fee00000> (-2352,  -288)
10 107 <f9aa0000, 2080000> (-1622,   520)

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