E3M7 Secrets

North of the yellow door is a room with a ledge on the north side. You can get to it from the first step to the west or east. Once on the ledge, you can open the door to the north, which reveals a switch (#1). Hit the switch to reveal a teleporter to the west, which takes you to an energy orb and a dragon claw.

Southwest of the green door is a room with four teleporters. After you take the two north teleporters, take the southeast one; this will take you to the green key. To the south of green key is a secret door which reveals some time bombs (#2). The southwest teleporter is not really a teleporter; once you walk over it, it opens an area to the south (#3) with a hellstaff.

On the way to the windy chasm in the south part of the map is a staircase with a pool at the bottom. Just to the south of the pool is an area with a torch to the east; just opposite the torch is a secret door to a phoenix rod (#4).

At the south end of the chasm are a pair of wings and a blue key. Use the wings to fly to the west and east sides of the chasm; there are some paths there which lead to all sorts of neat stuff in the areas which look out into the chasm (#5, #6).

After getting the blue key, a bunch of secret areas open up in the area northeast of the chasm, southeast of the green door. There is a chaos device (#7), a map (#8), a tome (#9), and an urn (#10).

Up the stairs to the east of the yellow door is a room which has a passage to the south which leads to a switch. When you hit the switch, some knights are revealed to the south. The room they're in has an opening in the southwest corner; go through this opening to get some goodies.


 1  21 <   00000,16070000> (    0,  5639)
 2 160 < 1230000, 59c0000> (  291,  1436)
 3 147 <   00000, 5130000> (    0,  1299)
 4 173 < 1280000, 3840000> (  296,   900)
 5 192 <f9ce0000,  a40000> (-1586,   164)
 6 205 < 4fe0000,fb580000> ( 1278, -1192)
 7 162 < 3800000, 6440000> (  896,  1604)
 8 178 < 2ae0000, 48c0000> (  686,  1164)
 9 200 < 75e0000, 4100000> ( 1886,  1040)
10 203 < 5fa0000, 2280000> ( 1530,   552)

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