E3M9 Secrets

Go through the yellow door, and then walk east; you will find a dark area that blinks on occasionally. There is a secret door to the north, which leads to a chaos device and a possible firemace (#1). Now walk down the hallway to the east, and then go north; one part of the hallway is blinking. There is a secret door to the west here which leads to ammo and a ring of invincibility (#2).

Behind the green door is a room with four vials on four red squares; get one of them, and then go through the door which opens up to the northwest to get the dragon claw you see through the window (#3). Then go north down the stairs and open the secret door to the west, marked with a yellow symbol. Behind the secret door are some gauntlets (#4).

The exit door is in a moat-enclosed area. In the south part of this area is a teleporter with a pair of wings on it. The teleporter takes you to the moat (#5), which has lots of cool stuff in it-- ammo, a tome, a shield, and a teleporter back to the start.

After you reach the exit door, a door will open west of the starting room. There you will find an orb, a shield, and an urn (#4); a door will open to the south revealing a possible mace (#5).

E4M1 The only secret in this level is that it exists. Start the game and type "engage41" to get here; it's a deathmatch level. You can also start the game with the arguments "-warp 4 1".


 1  86 < 4e90000,fac40000> ( 1257, -1340)
 2  81 < 6740000,fc7a0000> ( 1652,  -902)
 3  17 < 4590000, 4ed0000> ( 1113,  1261)
 4  47 < 3360000, 5e00000> (  822,  1504)
 5  70 <fce40000,fdc40000> ( -796,  -572)
 6  71 <fd200000,fb5b0000> ( -736, -1189)
 7  76 <fd200000,fa960000> ( -736, -1386)

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