E4M1 Secrets

The room just south of the starting room has a pool of slime with a walkway all around it. On the west side of the walkway is a door. To the left of the door is a small niche behind the walkway; you can see if it you look on the floor while standing on the walkway. Jump down into the slime and hit the space bar on the south end of the west walkway. This will lower a lift, revealing a niche with a badly needed rocket launcher and some rockets. Inside the niche is a secret door on the south side. This leads to a room with two teleporters (#1). The left teleporter takes you to the ledge northeast of the acid pool; the right teleporter takes you to the ledge northwest of it.

The room behind the red door has a wall in the middle of the room, with a path on either side of it. On the north end of the wall is a small niche with a red torch. Hit the space bar on the niche, then get the hell out of that room. This will lower the wall, revealing id's excellent taste in music, and making it easier for you to kill the imps behind the wall. Unfortunately, it will also let four barons loose. When they reach the door, they'll teleport to the west side of the acid pool. Also, don't walk on top of the newly lowered wall (#2) until you've killed all the monsters, or you'll cause a wall to be raised up all around you, trapping you inside with the barons. There is a switch inside to lower the wall, however. In order to get credit for the secret, be sure to walk around slowly on the lowered wall without walking on the letters. (The letters are not the secret.)

You can also get a demo of this level showing how to get 100% kills, items, and secrets.


 1  69 <ff7e0000,fe670000> ( -130,  -409)
 2  30 < 3280000,ff640000> (  808,  -156)

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