E4M4 Secrets

The first door leads to a room with a lift leading up to a ledge with some monsters on it. The northwest corner of this ledge has a small green torch in a niche. Hit the space bar on this niche to lower a lift, revealing an area to the northwest with a berserk pack (#1) and a teleporter to the south end of the map. The lift will also reveal an area to the north with a rocket launcher (#2) and a teleporter which takes you behind the door east of the ledge room.

In the southeast corner of the map is an area with some lava, an invulnerability sphere, and twelve square platforms. Hit the space bar on the north side of the northeast platform to lower it; this will allow you to get on and walk over the platforms to the small room to the southwest, where there is health. The second from the left in the middle row of platforms also has a switch on the north side; however, you can only hit it from the south. So, take the lift up, and jump over to this platform, face north, and hit the space bar; this opens a door to the north, which reveals a teleporter that takes you to secret #2. You can also trigger the switch by standing on the west side of the platform, aiming northeast, and hitting the space bar.


 1  29 <fbb80000,fb300000> (-1096, -1232)
 2  20 <fc580000,fba80000> ( -936, -1112)

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