E4M5 Secrets

The room with the red skull key has a red door in the southwest corner. Behind this door you will find a room with a secret door in the southeast corner; open it to reveal some health (#1).

To the left of the yellow door is another door which leads to a teleporter; this teleporter takes you to the yellow key. To the left of the teleporter is a hidden door with a berserk pack behind it (#2).

The room with the red key has a column in the southeast corner which is really a lift. There is a box of rockets on top of it.

The room on the south side of the blue door has a supercharger, in the lava pit to the north; you may miss it if you're going too fast when you jump down the first step.

The exit room has an invulnerability in the southeast corner, in the slime. To get the BFG in that room, go to the room to the south, and go up the steps and stand in front of the window to the west. Now just jump down onto the ledge to the west of the exit switch. It's a tricky jump, but it's possible. Now walk carefully along the ledge to the east, and cross over to the ledge which the BFG is sitting on. Remember that saving your game when standing on a narrow ledge does not always work; use the automap to make sure that you're standing exactly on the ledge, and not slightly off to the side, before saving; otherwise, you'll fall off when you reload that game.


 1  76 <  8c0000,feb20000> (  140,  -334)
 2 151 < 2400000, 4e80000> (  576,  1256)

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