E4M7 Secrets

In the south part of the map, behind one of the yellow key doors, you will find an area with a picture of a demon on the floor. In ultra-violence mode, there will be a BFG on the south side of the room. If you make any noise in this room, a cyberdemon (or a baron, in lower skill levels) will teleport in, so don't shoot anything until you get the BFG; at that point some bars will rise up on the north and south side of the room; these just hinder your movement a bit, and block the cyberdemon's rockets.

The south end of the room has a secret door leading to a small room (#1) with various goodies. In ultra-violence mode, you'll get invulnerability a soul sphere, and a rocket launcher; otherwise, you'll have to be content with a few medikits. To the east of this room is a secret door (#2) which leads to another secret room (#3) with an invulnerability sphere. I wasn't able to get credit for either #2 or #3; #2 is too small, and #3's floor is too high for me to enter.

Hit the switch on the north side of the room, then go east and then south to a small room (#4) with blue armor, health, and ammo. There are two switches in here which simply open the two yellow doors.


 1 262 <  100000,fa2c0000> (   16, -1492)
 2 263 <  440000,fa400000> (   68, -1472)
 3 264 <  640000,fa400000> (  100, -1472)
 4 250 < 1c00000,fbb80000> (  448, -1096)

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