E4M9 Secrets

(You get to this level via E4M2.)

There are two rather dark rooms (one on the west side and one on the east side) which have a door on the north end and lifts on the west, east, and south ends. They also have a series of small silver columns. In the west room, go up one of the lifts and go near the south door. To the left of the door is a secret door to a room containing a berserker (#1).

Just to the south of the exit switch is a secret door to a small room containing a backpack (#2).

The yellow key is in the moat to the east of the starting room. It's sitting on a narrow ledge, which you can jump onto from the north. There's a plasma gun on a similar ledge to the west of the starting room.


 1  53 <fde00000,fb640000> ( -544, -1180)
 2 234 <  a00000, 8f00000> (  160,  2288)

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