Thy Flesh Consumed Secrets List

Compiled by Paul Falstad; last updated July 21, 1995.

All the official secret areas in the game are numbered and listed in the pages referenced below, along with the sector number and coordinates. "Official" secrets are those which are counted towards the "Secrets" total on the end level screen. Some non-secret areas which are hard to find are also listed, but are not numbered.

  1. Hell Beneath
  2. Perfect Hatred
  3. Sever the Wicked (max secrets: 90%)
  4. Unruly Evil
  5. They Will Repent
  6. Against Thee Wickedly
  7. And Hell Followed (max secrets: 50%)
  8. Unto The Cruel
  9. Fear
There's also a list of how many goodies are in each level, and a list of how many monsters there are.

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