========== REoL TOUGH Classics: Hotel ==========
========== A new map for DooM ==========

Welcome to the Under Arms Hotel, where you decide to
check in for the night. Unfortunately, the other guests and staff
are not all that friendly.
Romp theorgh a small hotel complex and see if you can make it
out alive!

Replaces E2M1 of DooM.

SECRETS! (Don't read on! Heh.)

[1] Right at the beginning, on the left side of the start, there is a ledge
right where that door is (towards the BLUE KEY one). Jump onto the cliff
face (equal height of where you're at) and bash is the rock face a couple
sections away. Something's waiting there for you.

[2] Somewhere in one of the computer rooms, a noise can be heard. What does
it behold? Something good, I bet!

[3] Rocket Launcher, out of reach? Where the Revnants come at you in force,
you hit a switch to continue onward. In the same alcove, a hidden door
reveals a teleportation switch, and the rest is easy to figure out.