The levels in these subdirectories are all made specifically 
for the game DOOM2 and won't run under DOOM, Heretic, Hexen
or Strife without modifications.  Some of these files also
contain new sounds and graphics, and some are in fact large
compilations that replace all the levels of DOOM2.

They are split up into alphabetical groups.  The 'deathmatch'
directory contains deathmatch-only levels and is itself split
up alphabetically.

The 'megawads' directory contains files that contain a large
scale replacement of 15 or more levels, but which don't 
qualify for the themes/ directory.  DM-only megawads are in
the 'deathmatch/megawads' directory.

To create your own addon levels, try the editors in the
'utils/level_edit' directory.

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