The DOOM2 Pacifist Collection

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What is Pacifist style?

Pacifist style is finishing a DOOM level in Ultra-Violence without harming any monster. That is: no boxing, chainsawing or shooting at monsters, not even shooting barrels that do explode next to monsters, not even pressing switches that activate crushers harming monsters. But it is allowed to make the monsters fight each others, if they are so stupid and agressive, well that's their problem. Note: Even a pacifist cannot always avoid telefrags.

This new style of playing doom has been invented recently to give live to a new Doom Honorific Title - the "Doom2 Pacifist". There are currently 13 people who hold this title (click here to download their exams).

Comparison with other styles.

There are two major aspects in pacifist: one is to make the monsters fight each others very much like in Tyson, the other is to run slalom through crowds of monsters without fighting them as often required when playing under PAR or for COMPET-N speed entries. In some aspects pacifist is more difficult than Tyson, because you don't even can use pistol or fist to get rid of monsters, on the other hand you are not forced to kill all of them.

About this collection.

The collection consists of three types of recordings. The first, the fastest and miscellaneus. As said before the "Pacifist" is a rather new style of dooming, thus all the first recordings have been collected. The first is not always the best, so the fastest recordings are collected too. And if there exist a paticularly interesting recording of a level it will find its way to the collection even if it is slower. If you know of any older, faster or interesting recording, be sure to send it to the new COMPET-N incoming directory or directely to me (the ultimate goal would of course be to do an uncompleted map for the first time!).

Which recordings are valid?

In a valid recording the player has to start from scratch and play until the level is finished (i.e. the endscreen is shown). This endscreen must be visible for at least 5 seconds. Do not use the [pause] key for more then two times during a recording. In the case that two recordings have the same run time, one with pauses, one w/o, only the pause free recording will be kept. The player might die during a recording ONLY immeditially after doing a DHT dance or when exiting. The recording must be the product of normal gameplay, absolutely no cheats are allowed. Read some more details if you are not sure what is considered cheating. For the miscellaneus section in which interesting recordings are kept, even cheated recording are valid as long as the player claims correctly how the recording has been produced (e.g. played with doom V1.9 and edited with lmpc).

The Collection:

The following table summarizes all the lmps in this collection. If you click on the date of the first recording (fourth column), it will download that "classic" lmp. If you click on the time of the fastest recording (sixth column), it will download this lmp.

File name of the recordings is of the form: pa(map number)-(time in mmss).lmp. However, the dash is eaten up for recordings longer than 9:59.

You can download all the lmps in this collection, 200 kB zipped, 1.5 MB uncompressed) by clicking below. If you want to view more than two of these recordings, this is the way to do it.

Download entire collection (195 kB)

Level DHT6
First lmp by Date Fastest lmp by Time Comments
01 Easiest Simon Widlake Apr 25 1995 Thomas Pilger
This level is trivial in Pacifist style.
02 - uncompleted - ucompleted - This looks impossible, many sergeants and very little health.
03 Medium Robert Reevy Mai 30 1997 Robert Reevy 0:39 Lot's of armor, health and the blur sphere make it possible.
04 - uncompleted - uncompleted - This looks impossible, many chaingunners and sergeants, with no armor and very little health.
05 Hard Istvan Pataki Mai 31 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:37 A tough map, especially if you do not even take the megaarmor.
06 Hardest Kai-Uwe Humpert Jun 11 1997 still fastest 6:39 Just watch it!
07 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Impossible by construction.
08 Easy Richard J. Sham Mai 28 1997 Andy Badorek 0:30 Beeing invulnerable most of the time, the only problem is not to get stuck.
09 Hard Peo Sjoblom Jun 02 1997 Andy Badorek
You got to be a real slalom expert to reach the yellow key.
10 Medium Steffen Udluft Mai 28 1997 Steffen Udluft 0:39 The major problem is to find the right way through this complex level. (Steve Terry has done it first, but his lmp doesn't playback. Please mail me if you find a way to get it going.)
11 Hardest Thomas Pilger Feb 19 1998 still fastest 0:53 The main problem are the two imps blocking the last switches. In Thomas' incredible fast recording everything looks easy, but watch the first nearly sucessful try Kai-Uwe made in 1997 for the proposal.
12 Hard Istvan Pataki Mai 31 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:45 The problem is to hit all the switches behind the cacodemons.
13 Hard Istvan Pataki Jun 12 1997 Steffen Udluft
You have to convince a "friendly" monster to kill all the imps blocking the yellow key. Watch how Istvan "tamed" the cacodemon.
14 Hard Istvan Pataki Jun 03 1997 Thomas Pilger 1:07 Without the jump tricks Istvan invented for COMPET-N it would be impossible, even with them it's a hard level.
15 Easy Steffen Udluft Mai 27 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:39 You can do the conventional jump to the switch or press it from below. The latter solution is the faster one if you do it w/o the radsuit like Thomas ...
16 Easy Steffen Udluft Mai 27 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:45 The most critical part is to pass the two spectres at the red key.
17 - uncompleted - uncompleted - The end sequence alone makes this map absolutely impossible.
18 Easy Istvan Pataki Apr 24 1996 Thomas Pilger 0:25 Another classic pacifist map, first done by Istvan as a COMPET-N speed entry.
19 Medium Peo Sjoblom Jun 01 1997 Thomas Pilger 1:03 There are three very different ways to play this level: press the first switch by running a fulminant slalom through the imps; let the arachnotron kill those imps; or play it the easy way by passing the candle barrier (using this new discovered route the level is EASY).
20 Easy Steffen Udluft Mai 27 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:46 A nice level to play pacifist, you can choose many ways to the exit.
21 Medium Steffen Udluft Mai 31 1997 Andy Badorek
In this map the spectres are a pacifists best friend, they serve as transparent shields and are able to kill the nasty sergeants. Istvan did this map on nightmare.
22 - uncompleted - uncompleted - In principle this map should be possible, because all blocking monsters may kill each other - but be sure they will kill you first!
23 Hard Patrick Martin Mai 30 1997 Andy Badorek 0:58 If you prevent the wall from going down and trapping you within the herd of demons you can make your way through without beeing too much of a slalom expert.
24 Hard Andreas Kren Jun 08 1996 Esko Koskimaa
Anthe's first pacifist recording which he did for COMPET-N has been a major inspiration to propose the pacifist title. It is really worth watching how the strategies for COMPET-N changed to pacifist! Most DHT6 players followed his route quite closely. Watch this remarkable exception.
25 Medium Andreas Kren Jun 01 1997 Thomas Pilger 0:59 If you don't like to do Anthe's jump to the megasphere you must convince the monsters to shoot the blocking barrels for you.
26 - uncompleted - uncompleted - It looks impossible to reach the red key.
27 Easy Laszlo Magori Sep 20 1996 still fastest 0:16 A very fast one if you make the arch-vile cooperate. It's also possible on the conventional route.
28 Easy Steffen Udluft Mai 27 1997 Andy Badorek
If you know the right route through that level you can play it invulnerable most of the time without too much danger of getting stuck.
29 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Blocked and impossible to survive.
30 - uncompleted - uncompleted - Impossible by construction
31 Easiest Michael Kren Nov 01 1995 Adam Hegyi
This level is trivial Pacifist style.
32 Easiest Steffen Udluft Mai 26 1997 Adam Hegyi 0:26 Not as trivial as 01 and 31 but also very easy, just let cybie shoot the Keens.

This collection may be updated every couple of months, if and when better recordings come in.