This directory contains files that are small objects to be used in creating
new levels.  They should all be documented using the example file


in this directory.  Note that only certain editors can cut and paste parts
of levels.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 19-Jan-2021 04:00 - [TXT] column1.txt 18-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 18-Apr-1998 20:00 5k [TXT] column2.txt 21-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 21-Apr-1998 20:00 3k [TXT] column3.txt 21-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 21-Apr-1998 20:00 2k [TXT] column4.txt 22-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 22-Apr-1998 20:00 2k [TXT] crates.txt 02-May-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 02-May-1998 20:00 3k [TXT] dm2dud.txt 30-Dec-2005 07:21 5k [CMP] 30-Dec-2005 07:21 77k [TXT] dmdhzfan.txt 01-Jan-2006 02:51 3k [CMP] 01-Jan-2006 02:51 16k [TXT] fendoor.txt 30-Jan-2003 06:13 2k [CMP] 30-Jan-2003 06:13 3k [TXT] fenexam.txt 03-Feb-2003 16:05 4k [CMP] 03-Feb-2003 16:05 39k [TXT] fenlift.txt 07-Feb-2003 10:55 3k [CMP] 07-Feb-2003 10:55 16k [TXT] fenlight.txt 27-Apr-2004 15:18 4k [CMP] 27-Apr-2004 15:18 11k [TXT] floordmo.txt 21-Jan-2013 17:11 6k [CMP] 21-Jan-2013 17:11 7k [TXT] flordmo2.txt 22-Jan-2013 08:17 4k [CMP] 22-Jan-2013 08:18 6k [TXT] flordmo3.txt 21-Jul-2015 12:27 6k [CMP] 21-Jul-2015 12:27 392k [TXT] hall1.txt 11-May-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 11-May-1998 20:00 14k [TXT] hall2.txt 17-Jul-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 17-Jul-1998 20:00 45k [TXT] hconvdem.txt 13-May-2009 08:30 3k [CMP] 13-May-2009 08:30 11k [TXT] klphabet.txt 22-Mar-2014 18:33 4k [CMP] 22-Mar-2014 18:33 43k [TXT] lights1.txt 25-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 25-Apr-1998 20:00 3k [TXT] monsdoor.txt 07-Sep-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 07-Sep-1998 20:00 6k [TXT] msscraps.txt 15-Dec-2000 19:38 3k [CMP] 15-Dec-2000 19:38 878k [TXT] pwrcore.txt 25-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 25-Apr-1998 20:00 3k [TXT] room.txt 01-Jul-2011 08:37 2k [CMP] 01-Jul-2011 08:37 5k [TXT] rprefabs.txt 22-Nov-2004 14:47 4k [CMP] 22-Nov-2004 14:47 146k [TXT] rstation.txt 01-May-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 01-May-1998 20:00 2k [TXT] sliddoor.txt 14-Aug-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 14-Aug-1998 20:00 13k [TXT] sliddr2.txt 06-Sep-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 06-Sep-1998 20:00 15k [TXT] slidoor.txt 26-Sep-1998 20:00 2k [CMP] 26-Sep-1998 20:00 10k [TXT] tbooth1.txt 21-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 21-Apr-1998 20:00 3k [TXT] tbooth2.txt 22-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 22-Apr-1998 20:00 4k [TXT] tbooth3.txt 30-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] 30-Apr-1998 20:00 4k [TXT] template.txt 23-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [TXT] testmap.txt 17-Jun-2004 14:10 3k [CMP] 17-Jun-2004 14:10 113k [TXT] trapdemo.txt 26-Jul-2013 13:26 3k [CMP] 26-Jul-2013 13:26 11k [TXT] vandacts.txt 12-Jun-2020 18:51 5k [CMP] 12-Jun-2020 18:51 285k [TXT] vvpck1_0.txt 07-Jun-2013 14:41 4k [CMP] 07-Jun-2013 14:42 4.0M [TXT] winwin.txt 03-Apr-1999 19:00 2k [CMP] 03-Apr-1999 19:00 4k