-= more_idstuff =-

Quake related releases from id Software or one of their authorized
group of friends, that have disappeared from their FTP site.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 25-Nov-2020 01:59 - [TXT] doe_qc.txt 30-Apr-1997 16:56 1k [CMP] doe_qc.zip 30-Apr-1997 16:56 188k [DIR] hipnotic/ 11-Jan-2016 08:53 - [TAR] linux_qtest1.tgz 25-Feb-1996 22:14 115k [TXT] linux_qtest1.txt 25-Feb-1996 22:14 2k [TAR] linux_qtest1a.tgz 29-Feb-1996 19:45 232k [TXT] linux_qtest1a.txt 29-Feb-1996 19:45 2k [TXT] q100-101.txt 19-Jul-1996 22:59 1k [CMP] q100-101.zip 19-Jul-1996 22:59 362k [TXT] qpix.txt 28-Sep-1995 19:12 1k [CMP] qpix.zip 28-Sep-1995 19:12 256k [TXT] qtest1.txt 24-Feb-1996 09:00 19k [CMP] qtest1.zip 24-Feb-1996 09:00 4.1M [TXT] quakepix.txt 04-Aug-1995 01:04 2k [CMP] quakepix.zip 04-Aug-1995 01:04 1.3M