-= quakec/misc =-

Misc Quake C patches that didn't fit into any of the other

Also includes compilations of several categories.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 08-Jan-2016 06:23 - [TXT] Map_edit_pro.txt 08-Oct-1996 20:00 6k [CMP] Map_edit_pro.zip 08-Oct-1996 20:00 167k [TXT] admin.txt 31-Aug-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] admin.zip 31-Aug-1997 20:00 127k [TXT] adpeshud.txt 07-Aug-1998 20:00 2k [CMP] adpeshud.zip 07-Aug-1998 20:00 131k [TXT] arenav11.txt 02-Jun-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] arenav11.zip 02-Jun-1997 20:00 365k [TXT] backpack.txt 07-Jan-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] backpack.zip 07-Jan-1997 19:00 3k [TXT] battler.txt 29-Oct-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] battler.zip 29-Oct-1997 19:00 191k [TXT] bh-sitez.txt 29-Oct-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] bh-sitez.zip 29-Oct-1997 19:00 884k [TXT] bhead002.txt 10-May-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] bhead002.zip 10-May-1997 20:00 125k [TXT] bondo205.txt 28-Mar-1999 19:00 6k [CMP] bondo205.zip 28-Mar-1999 19:00 1.3M [TXT] bugfixes.txt 29-Oct-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] bugfixes.zip 29-Oct-1997 19:00 5k [TXT] bungy110.txt 08-Dec-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] bungy110.zip 08-Dec-1996 19:00 206k [TXT] c-camv10.txt 01-Apr-1997 19:00 4k [CMP] c-camv10.zip 01-Apr-1997 19:00 2k [TXT] camera.txt 05-Aug-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] camera.zip 05-Aug-1996 20:00 128k [TXT] camper10.txt 23-Jul-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] camper10.zip 23-Jul-1997 20:00 257k [TXT] chasecam.txt 10-May-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] chasecam.zip 10-May-1997 20:00 217k [TXT] chasecam_hip.txt 15-Apr-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] chasecam_hip.zip 15-Apr-1997 20:00 257k [TXT] chasecam_rog.txt 10-May-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] chasecam_rog.zip 10-May-1997 20:00 320k [TXT] chrono.txt 23-Jul-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] chrono.zip 23-Jul-1997 20:00 2.8M [TXT] clubshub.txt 26-Dec-1996 19:00 3k [CMP] clubshub.zip 26-Dec-1996 19:00 403k [TXT] cmpdet11.txt 18-Mar-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] cmpdet11.zip 18-Mar-1997 19:00 140k [TXT] compass.txt 18-Sep-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] compass.zip 18-Sep-1996 20:00 129k [TXT] coolgib1.txt 11-Jun-1998 20:00 2k [CMP] coolgib1.zip 11-Jun-1998 20:00 17k [TXT] cqmp1v03.txt 13-Mar-1999 19:00 14k [CMP] cqmp1v03.zip 13-Mar-1999 19:00 353k [TXT] cqmp2v04.txt 13-Mar-1999 19:00 11k [CMP] cqmp2v04.zip 13-Mar-1999 19:00 189k [TXT] creepc17.txt 14-Jun-1998 20:00 36k [CMP] creepc17.zip 14-Jun-1998 20:00 193k [TXT] crouch.txt 30-Jan-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] crouch.zip 30-Jan-1997 19:00 237k [TXT] crouch2.txt 15-Jun-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] crouch2.zip 15-Jun-1997 20:00 235k [TXT] cth094.txt 13-Mar-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] cth094.zip 13-Mar-1997 19:00 156k [TXT] dance.txt 29-Jan-1998 19:00 4k [CMP] dance.zip 29-Jan-1998 19:00 711k [TXT] decoy.txt 14-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] decoy.zip 14-Aug-1996 20:00 125k [TXT] democam.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:00 10k [CMP] democam.zip 17-Oct-1996 20:00 56k [TXT] director.txt 02-May-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] director.zip 02-May-1997 20:00 1.6M [TXT] dmcam11.txt 16-Sep-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] dmcam11.zip 16-Sep-1996 20:00 149k [TXT] dmplus10.txt 01-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] dmplus10.zip 01-Sep-1996 20:00 202k [TXT] drkforge.txt 08-Aug-1997 20:00 11k [CMP] drkforge.zip 08-Aug-1997 20:00 613k [TXT] dropdead106b.txt 30-Oct-1996 19:00 16k [CMP] dropdead106b.zip 30-Oct-1996 19:00 502k [TXT] drugqc.txt 15-Oct-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] drugqc.zip 15-Oct-1996 20:00 6k [TXT] dtlz15.txt 30-Dec-1996 19:00 7k [CMP] dtlz15.zip 30-Dec-1996 19:00 320k [TXT] eatgibs.txt 06-Aug-1996 20:00 5k [CMP] eatgibs.zip 06-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [TXT] exbpk001.txt 25-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] exbpk001.zip 25-Jul-1996 20:00 7k [TXT] eyes200c.txt 27-Jul-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] eyes200c.zip 27-Jul-1997 20:00 1007k [TXT] fakeit09.txt 06-Nov-1996 19:00 3k [CMP] fakeit09.zip 06-Nov-1996 19:00 127k [TXT] fall.txt 25-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] fall.zip 25-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [TXT] falldeth.txt 09-Feb-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] falldeth.zip 09-Feb-1997 19:00 175k [TXT] fallndie.txt 06-Feb-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] fallndie.zip 06-Feb-1997 19:00 11k [TXT] fallturn.txt 05-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] fallturn.zip 05-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [TXT] fartman.txt 18-Nov-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] fartman.zip 18-Nov-1996 19:00 242k [TXT] fastqk.txt 07-Oct-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] fastqk.zip 07-Oct-1997 20:00 233k [TXT] feign_v91.txt 07-Nov-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] feign_v91.zip 07-Nov-1996 19:00 21k [TXT] ffield.txt 28-Oct-1996 19:00 5k [CMP] ffield.zip 28-Oct-1996 19:00 672k [TXT] flames.txt 27-Sep-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] flames.zip 27-Sep-1996 20:00 184k [TXT] flare2.txt 03-Oct-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] flare2.zip 03-Oct-1996 20:00 122k [TXT] flares.txt 12-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] flares.zip 12-Aug-1996 20:00 129k [TXT] flashlt2.txt 22-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] flashlt2.zip 22-Aug-1996 20:00 129k [TXT] gibbin3.txt 30-Jul-1996 20:00 5k [CMP] gibbin3.zip 30-Jul-1996 20:00 231k [TXT] grapp15.txt 28-Jan-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] grapp15.zip 28-Jan-1997 19:00 168k [TXT] grappler.txt 28-Feb-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] grappler.zip 28-Feb-1997 19:00 125k [TXT] grpple11.txt 10-Oct-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] grpple11.zip 10-Oct-1997 20:00 188k [TXT] h_atbeam.txt 27-Jun-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] h_atbeam.zip 27-Jun-1997 20:00 141k [TXT] headball.txt 11-Mar-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] headball.zip 11-Mar-1997 19:00 242k [TXT] heal.txt 25-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] heal.zip 25-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [TXT] hex2.txt 12-Jun-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] hex2.zip 12-Jun-1998 20:00 481k [TXT] hipgrapl.txt 27-Apr-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] hipgrapl.zip 27-Apr-1997 20:00 178k [TXT] hipqw92.txt 16-Mar-1997 19:00 5k [CMP] hipqw92.zip 16-Mar-1997 19:00 104k [TXT] holo2.txt 14-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] holo2.zip 14-Aug-1996 20:00 123k [TXT] hologram.txt 19-Feb-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] hologram.zip 19-Feb-1997 19:00 144k [TXT] hook.txt 15-Jul-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] hook.zip 15-Jul-1997 20:00 106k [TXT] hook23.txt 31-Dec-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] hook23.zip 31-Dec-1996 19:00 131k [TXT] hook30b2.txt 31-Dec-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] hook30b2.zip 31-Dec-1996 19:00 279k [TXT] hopitem.txt 05-Sep-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] hopitem.zip 05-Sep-1996 20:00 122k [TXT] hud_095.txt 24-Jan-1997 19:00 9k [CMP] hud_095.zip 24-Jan-1997 19:00 166k [TXT] idglobe.txt 03-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] idglobe.zip 03-Sep-1996 20:00 129k [TXT] itemhelt.txt 06-Feb-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] itemhelt.zip 06-Feb-1998 19:00 3k [TXT] kascam18.txt 05-Jul-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] kascam18.zip 05-Jul-1997 20:00 250k [TXT] kick.txt 22-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] kick.zip 22-Aug-1996 20:00 6k [TXT] kicking2.txt 30-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] kicking2.zip 30-Jul-1996 20:00 15k [TXT] mcamnew.txt 10-Mar-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] mcamnew.zip 10-Mar-1997 19:00 145k [TXT] megajump.txt 04-May-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] megajump.zip 04-May-1997 20:00 217k [TXT] mmq101.txt 21-Feb-1997 19:00 13k [CMP] mmq101.zip 21-Feb-1997 19:00 227k [TXT] mmqw101.txt 21-Feb-1997 19:00 13k [CMP] mmqw101.zip 21-Feb-1997 19:00 174k [TXT] motio16p.txt 11-Jun-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] motio16p.zip 11-Jun-1997 20:00 126k [TXT] motion.txt 12-Aug-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] motion.zip 12-Aug-1996 20:00 31k [TXT] motion16.txt 15-Mar-1997 19:00 4k [CMP] motion16.zip 15-Mar-1997 19:00 31k [TXT] multimod.txt 03-Oct-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] multimod.zip 03-Oct-1996 20:00 872k [TXT] myhook-0.56b.txt 11-Oct-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] myhook-0.56b.zip 11-Oct-1998 20:00 480k [TXT] newold.txt 22-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] newold.zip 22-Aug-1996 20:00 5k [TXT] nightvis.txt 11-Oct-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] nightvis.zip 11-Oct-1997 20:00 167k [TXT] observ11.txt 16-Aug-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] observ11.zip 16-Aug-1996 20:00 152k [TXT] pcheat.txt 09-Jan-1998 19:00 2k [CMP] pcheat.zip 09-Jan-1998 19:00 503k [TXT] perfecthook143..> 31-May-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] perfecthook143..> 31-May-1997 20:00 141k [TXT] physics.txt 12-Dec-1997 19:00 5k [CMP] physics.zip 12-Dec-1997 19:00 873k [TXT] portal10.txt 01-Apr-1997 19:00 6k [CMP] portal10.zip 01-Apr-1997 19:00 225k [TXT] powarmor.txt 07-Oct-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] powarmor.zip 07-Oct-1996 20:00 139k [TXT] powbio.txt 28-Nov-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] powbio.zip 28-Nov-1998 19:00 31k [TXT] pprpln13.txt 19-Dec-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] pprpln13.zip 19-Dec-1996 19:00 144k [TXT] prog106a.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] prog106a.zip 17-Oct-1996 20:00 123k [TXT] psalms.txt 29-May-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] psalms.zip 29-May-1997 20:00 3.0M [TXT] qbench.txt 25-Sep-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] qbench.zip 25-Sep-1996 20:00 123k [TXT] qbreak.txt 16-Apr-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] qbreak.zip 16-Apr-1997 20:00 180k [TXT] qcam12.txt 05-Feb-1997 19:00 6k [CMP] qcam12.zip 05-Feb-1997 19:00 159k [TXT] qcheat.txt 25-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qcheat.zip 25-Jul-1996 20:00 123k [TXT] qcht02.txt 07-Jan-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] qcht02.zip 07-Jan-1998 19:00 125k [TXT] qfltr002.txt 09-May-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] qfltr002.zip 09-May-1997 20:00 125k [TXT] qholos.txt 18-Oct-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] qholos.zip 18-Oct-1997 20:00 134k [TXT] qhud10.txt 07-Apr-1997 20:00 2k [TXT] qive10.txt 12-Apr-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] qive10.zip 12-Apr-1997 20:00 168k [TXT] qjoe20.txt 19-Oct-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] qjoe20.zip 19-Oct-1996 20:00 244k [TXT] qmask10.txt 29-Apr-1997 20:00 2k [TXT] qmed11.txt 25-Apr-1997 20:00 2k [TXT] qnitems.txt 01-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] qnitems.zip 01-Aug-1996 20:00 29k [TXT] qrp.txt 28-Dec-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] qrp.zip 28-Dec-1997 19:00 150k [TXT] qscores.txt 21-Nov-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] qscores.zip 21-Nov-1996 19:00 123k [TXT] qsek10.txt 21-Nov-1997 19:00 7k [TXT] qspam.txt 02-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] qspam.zip 02-Nov-1996 19:00 124k [TXT] qspam085.txt 09-Nov-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] qspam085.zip 09-Nov-1996 19:00 130k [TXT] qspeed10.txt 07-Apr-1997 20:00 1k [TXT] qspeed11.txt 30-May-1997 20:00 2k [TXT] qtorch.txt 05-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] qtorch.zip 05-Feb-1997 19:00 126k [TXT] qtorch10.txt 17-Feb-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] qtorch10.zip 17-Feb-1997 19:00 145k [TXT] qturn.txt 11-Mar-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] qturn.zip 11-Mar-1997 19:00 106k [TXT] quakeboarding.txt 08-Sep-1998 20:00 2k [CMP] quakeboarding.zip 08-Sep-1998 20:00 1.3M [TXT] quse11.txt 07-Apr-1997 20:00 1k [TXT] qwrdr20.txt 23-Apr-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] qwrdr20.zip 23-Apr-1997 20:00 66k [TXT] qwvirus11.txt 15-Jun-1999 20:00 4k [CMP] qwvirus11.zip 15-Jun-1999 20:00 3.8M [TXT] qwvirus11cl.txt 15-Jun-1999 20:00 1k [TXT] radar.txt 16-Nov-1998 19:00 2k [CMP] radar.zip 16-Nov-1998 19:00 124k [TXT] radar0_5.txt 22-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] radar0_5.zip 22-Aug-1996 20:00 7k [TXT] radar20.txt 16-Apr-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] radar20.zip 16-Apr-1997 20:00 139k [TXT] random.txt 03-Oct-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] random.zip 03-Oct-1996 20:00 128k [TXT] rdi.txt 13-Oct-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] rdi.zip 13-Oct-1996 20:00 125k [TXT] realq086.txt 19-Jan-1998 19:00 2k [CMP] realq086.zip 19-Jan-1998 19:00 167k [TXT] relarmor.txt 29-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] relarmor.zip 29-Aug-1996 20:00 130k [TXT] req2_pe.txt 25-Apr-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] req2_pe.zip 25-Apr-1998 20:00 1.5M [TXT] req_se.txt 16-May-1997 20:00 18k [CMP] req_se.zip 16-May-1997 20:00 1.4M [TXT] respawn.txt 13-Sep-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] respawn.zip 13-Sep-1997 20:00 61k [TXT] rograp.txt 28-Oct-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] rograp.zip 28-Oct-1997 19:00 19k [TXT] rqf20.txt 01-May-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] rqf20.zip 01-May-1997 20:00 131k [TXT] rserv198.txt 07-Jul-1997 20:00 17k [CMP] rserv198.zip 07-Jul-1997 20:00 159k [TXT] ruins.txt 07-Feb-1997 19:00 4k [CMP] ruins.zip 07-Feb-1997 19:00 184k [TXT] runes155.txt 20-May-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] runes155.zip 20-May-1997 20:00 161k [TXT] s4lserv1.3.1.txt 13-Oct-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] s4lserv1.3.1.zip 13-Oct-1998 20:00 101k [TXT] s4lserv1.6.1.txt 23-Oct-1998 20:00 2k [CMP] s4lserv1.6.1.zip 23-Oct-1998 20:00 159k [TXT] sacrifce.txt 12-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] sacrifce.zip 12-Sep-1996 20:00 170k [TXT] scramble.txt 22-Apr-1998 20:00 6k [CMP] scramble.zip 22-Apr-1998 20:00 238k [TXT] shield.txt 17-Jan-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] shield.zip 17-Jan-1997 19:00 106k [TXT] shields1.txt 11-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] shields1.zip 11-Nov-1996 19:00 3k [TXT] shoveoff.txt 12-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] shoveoff.zip 12-Aug-1996 20:00 124k [TXT] showhlth.txt 08-Sep-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] showhlth.zip 08-Sep-1996 20:00 5k [TXT] shubfix.txt 06-Oct-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] shubfix.zip 06-Oct-1996 20:00 3k [TXT] sigil05b.txt 29-Mar-1998 19:00 5k [CMP] sigil05b.zip 29-Mar-1998 19:00 67k [TXT] skeet10.txt 23-Nov-1996 19:00 2k [CMP] skeet10.zip 23-Nov-1996 19:00 154k [TXT] skinspp.txt 20-May-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] skinspp.zip 20-May-1997 20:00 166k [TXT] spharp.txt 21-Nov-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] spharp.zip 21-Nov-1997 19:00 161k [TXT] spispopd.txt 21-Jul-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] spispopd.zip 21-Jul-1997 20:00 501k [TXT] step05.txt 13-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] step05.zip 13-Aug-1996 20:00 154k [TXT] supacam.txt 19-Jun-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] supacam.zip 19-Jun-1997 20:00 154k [TXT] swg12.txt 04-Jan-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] swg12.zip 04-Jan-1997 19:00 126k [TXT] swhook13.txt 16-Sep-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] swhook13.zip 16-Sep-1997 20:00 223k [TXT] tele.txt 17-Jan-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] tele.zip 17-Jan-1997 19:00 106k [TXT] tele_ktg.txt 26-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] tele_ktg.zip 26-Feb-1997 19:00 23k [TXT] thunder.txt 30-Jun-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] thunder.zip 30-Jun-1997 20:00 125k [TXT] tphys051.txt 01-Jan-1997 19:00 9k [CMP] tphys051.zip 01-Jan-1997 19:00 12k [TXT] tracer.txt 27-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] tracer.zip 27-Aug-1996 20:00 7k [TXT] tracker.txt 23-Feb-1999 19:00 6k [CMP] tracker.zip 23-Feb-1999 19:00 128k [TXT] wait4p99.txt 15-Mar-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] wait4p99.zip 15-Mar-1997 19:00 139k [TXT] wickhook.txt 30-Aug-1997 20:00 3k [CMP] wickhook.zip 30-Aug-1997 20:00 144k [TXT] wings.txt 05-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] wings.zip 05-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [TXT] xitmsg.txt 31-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] xitmsg.zip 31-Jul-1996 20:00 131k [TXT] ycamhok1.txt 14-Jun-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] ycamhok1.zip 14-Jun-1997 20:00 909k [TXT] zomgibs.txt 17-Feb-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] zomgibs.zip 17-Feb-1997 19:00 6k