-= total_conversions =-

Attempts to convert the look, feel and gameplay of Quake 
by converting _all_ aspects of Quake (graphics, sound, levels
and Quake C).

More information on TCs can be found at

...to name a few. Mail jschuur@ftp.cdrom.com if you'd like a subdirectory here
and have content to store on the site.

The Aliens Quake Total Conversion has been removed due to legal problems. 
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[DIR] Parent Directory 27-Nov-2015 01:59 - [TXT] 007quake.txt 24-Jan-1998 19:00 4k [CMP] 007quake.zip 24-Jan-1998 19:00 445k [TXT] 4.52_sbof.txt 04-Jan-1998 19:00 15k [CMP] 4.52_sbof.zip 03-Jan-1998 19:00 3.9M [TXT] airq009.txt 16-Aug-1997 20:00 9k [CMP] airq009.zip 16-Aug-1997 20:00 403k [TXT] ardeath.txt 01-Oct-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] ardeath.zip 01-Oct-1997 20:00 1.7M [TXT] atf.txt 09-Dec-1997 19:00 6k [CMP] atf.zip 09-Dec-1997 19:00 17.3M [TXT] atfdemo.txt 24-Aug-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] atfdemo.zip 24-Aug-1997 20:00 6.8M [TXT] bmfull.txt 01-Jul-1999 20:00 37k [CMP] bmfull.zip 01-Jul-1999 20:00 20.7M [DIR] borg/ 22-Jun-2000 00:33 - [TXT] burnnman.txt 28-Jul-1998 20:00 6k [CMP] burnnman.zip 27-Jul-1998 20:00 1.1M [TXT] earth.txt 04-Oct-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] earth.zip 04-Oct-1997 20:00 547k [TXT] empires.txt 06-Dec-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] empires.zip 06-Dec-1997 19:00 10.3M [TXT] empsrc85.txt 18-Dec-1997 19:00 3k [CMP] empsrc85.zip 24-Dec-1997 19:00 137k [DIR] fantasy_quake/ 22-Jun-2000 00:41 - [DIR] final_fantasy/ 22-Jun-2000 00:31 - [DIR] future_vs_fant..> 22-Jun-2000 08:50 - [TXT] glmario.txt 18-Apr-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] glmario.zip 18-Apr-1997 20:00 839k [TXT] hdr-prel.txt 25-Jul-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] hdr-prel.zip 25-Jul-1997 20:00 3.7M [TXT] horror.txt 03-Oct-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] horror.zip 03-Oct-1997 20:00 2.4M [TXT] jbond.txt 28-Nov-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] jbond.zip 28-Nov-1997 19:00 337k [TXT] jumptest.txt 03-Oct-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] jumptest.zip 03-Oct-1997 20:00 497k [DIR] legion_of_doom/ 22-Jun-2000 00:28 - [DIR] marines/ 22-Jun-2000 00:32 - [TXT] maxxmaps.txt 15-Dec-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] maxxmaps.zip 15-Dec-1998 19:00 401k [TXT] mir.txt 13-Feb-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] mir.zip 13-Feb-1998 19:00 1.4M [DIR] mortal_kombat/ 22-Jun-2000 00:23 - [TXT] ncc1701d.txt 17-Oct-1998 20:00 28k [CMP] ncc1701d.zip 17-Oct-1998 20:00 1.5M [TXT] nerfq.txt 18-May-1998 20:00 10k [CMP] nerfq.zip 18-May-1998 20:00 2.1M [TXT] odanan.txt 16-Oct-1998 20:00 4k [CMP] odanan.zip 15-Oct-1998 20:00 2.9M [DIR] omen/ 22-Jun-2000 00:49 - [DIR] paintball/ 22-Jun-2000 00:42 - [TXT] qb-chess1.2.txt 15-Apr-1997 20:00 11k [CMP] qb-chess1.2.zip 15-Apr-1997 20:00 1.6M [TXT] qf016b.txt 30-Sep-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] qf016b.zip 01-Oct-1997 20:00 2.5M [TXT] qforever.txt 20-Sep-1997 20:00 18k [CMP] qforever.zip 20-Sep-1997 20:00 591k [DIR] quakerally/ 22-Jun-2000 00:31 - [TXT] quarry.txt 30-Jul-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] quarry.zip 30-Jul-1997 20:00 544k [TXT] sfquake.txt 12-Dec-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] sfquake.zip 12-Dec-1998 19:00 7.7M [TXT] sfquakeb.txt 26-May-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] sfquakeb.zip 26-May-1997 20:00 1.8M [TXT] squawk2.txt 15-Apr-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] squawk2.zip 15-Apr-1997 20:00 1.3M [TXT] st01.txt 19-Aug-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] st01.zip 19-Aug-1997 20:00 755k [TXT] stbeta.txt 05-Dec-1997 19:00 7k [CMP] stbeta.zip 05-Dec-1997 19:00 2.7M [TXT] swars.txt 22-Aug-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] swars.zip 22-Aug-1997 20:00 1.2M [TXT] swmaxx24.txt 15-Dec-1998 19:00 4k [CMP] swmaxx24.zip 15-Dec-1998 19:00 1.6M [TXT] tcq09b.txt 12-Jul-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] tcq09b.zip 12-Jul-1997 20:00 1.9M [TXT] thchg.txt 02-Apr-1998 19:00 2k [CMP] thchg.zip 02-Apr-1998 19:00 1.9M [TXT] ww2.txt 29-Mar-1998 19:00 1k [CMP] ww2.zip 29-Mar-1998 19:00 2.9M [TXT] ww2qsrc.txt 29-Jul-1998 20:00 1k [CMP] ww2qsrc.zip 29-Jul-1998 20:00 89k [DIR] xcom/ 22-Jun-2000 00:28 -