-= utils/graphics_edit/wad2_builders =-

Utilities to compile various formats into WAD2 texture wads needed
to create .BSP maps. Complete texture WADs can be found in the
'graphics/texture_wads' directory.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 24-Jun-2000 00:46 - [TXT] bsp2wad.txt 21-Feb-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] bsp2wad.zip 21-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [TXT] deldupe.txt 03-May-1998 20:00 4k [CMP] deldupe.zip 03-May-1998 20:00 4k [TXT] doomtex.txt 21-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] doomtex.zip 21-Aug-1996 20:00 71k [TXT] maketex.txt 29-Apr-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] maketex.zip 29-Apr-1997 20:00 84k [TXT] mergewad.txt 27-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] mergewad.zip 27-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [TXT] mipdip155.txt 23-Oct-1996 20:00 9k [CMP] mipdip155.zip 23-Oct-1996 20:00 215k [TXT] mipidx12.txt 13-Dec-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] mipidx12.zip 13-Dec-1996 19:00 139k [TXT] mk_wad2.txt 21-Aug-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] mk_wad2.zip 21-Aug-1996 20:00 19k [TXT] newwad16.txt 02-Oct-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] newwad16.zip 02-Oct-1997 20:00 343k [TXT] pak2wad.txt 28-Jun-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] pak2wad.zip 28-Jun-1996 20:00 18k [TXT] pcxwad98.txt 17-Aug-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] pcxwad98.zip 17-Aug-1996 20:00 52k [TXT] qartl970602.txt 09-Jun-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] qartl970602.zip 15-Jun-1997 20:00 866k [TXT] remip.txt 27-Feb-1999 19:00 2k [CMP] remip.zip 27-Feb-1999 19:00 17k [TXT] texrip06.txt 29-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] texrip06.zip 21-Sep-1996 20:00 22k [TXT] updbsp.txt 23-Nov-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] updbsp.zip 23-Nov-1997 19:00 3k [TXT] wad2t10.txt 22-Oct-1996 20:00 5k [CMP] wad2t10.zip 22-Oct-1996 20:00 32k