-= utils/level_edit/bsp_builders =-

A Quake .MAP file is converted into a working .BSP level using
qbsp/vis/light as released by id Software.

Some files available from this directory are ports or recompiles
of id's original sources to other environments, others include
enhancements to the original code. Consult the .txt files for

NOTE: Compiling level can take a very long time even on fast 
      pentiums; expect large levels to take an hour or more at
      least to go through the whole process.

Frontends to simplify compiling .MAP files can be found in the
'utils/level_edit/misc' directory.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 24-Jun-2000 00:55 - [TXT] arghlite.txt 15-Oct-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] arghlite.zip 15-Oct-1997 20:00 42k [TXT] bsp2prt.txt 30-Jun-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] bsp2prt.zip 30-Jun-1997 20:00 42k [TXT] bspinfo.txt 16-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] bspinfo.zip 16-Sep-1996 20:00 244k [TXT] eas_qbsp.txt 26-Sep-1996 20:00 2k [CMP] eas_qbsp.zip 26-Sep-1996 20:00 57k [TXT] id1vis.txt 31-Aug-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] id1vis.zip 31-Aug-1997 20:00 970k [TXT] leetvis.txt 23-Sep-1996 20:00 7k [CMP] leetvis.zip 23-Sep-1996 20:00 198k [TXT] lightdis.txt 31-Oct-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] lightdis.zip 31-Oct-1996 19:00 39k [TXT] lv21.txt 06-Mar-1997 19:00 5k [CMP] lv21.zip 06-Mar-1997 19:00 40k [TXT] mapent.txt 14-Oct-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] mapent.zip 14-Oct-1996 20:00 7k [TXT] markvis.txt 29-Apr-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] markvis.zip 29-Apr-1997 20:00 37k [TXT] qbsp256b.txt 04-Oct-1996 20:00 4k [CMP] qbsp256b.zip 04-Oct-1996 20:00 60k [TXT] qbsp256c.txt 29-Apr-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] qbsp256c.zip 29-Apr-1997 20:00 63k [CMP] qbsp_29_linux...> 05-Sep-1996 20:00 159k [TXT] qbsp_29_linux.txt 05-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [TXT] qbsp_dos.txt 28-Jul-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] qbsp_dos.zip 28-Jul-1996 20:00 337k [TXT] qbspbuz.txt 11-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qbspbuz.zip 11-Sep-1996 20:00 53k [TXT] qbspdos.txt 03-Apr-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] qbspdos.zip 03-Apr-1997 19:00 421k [TXT] qbspos2.txt 11-Feb-1997 19:00 1k [CMP] qbspos2.zip 11-Feb-1997 19:00 323k [TXT] qbspos2e.txt 11-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] qbspos2e.zip 11-Feb-1997 19:00 185k [TXT] qbspreg.txt 24-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qbspreg.zip 24-Jul-1996 20:00 124k [TXT] qconvert.txt 10-Jul-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qconvert.zip 10-Jul-1996 20:00 300k [TXT] qmpfnt10.txt 06-Dec-1996 19:00 3k [CMP] qmpfnt10.zip 06-Dec-1996 19:00 141k [TXT] qube.txt 04-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] qube.zip 04-Nov-1996 19:00 270k [CMP] qutils-linux.t..> 30-Mar-1997 19:00 782k [TXT] qutils-linux.txt 30-Aug-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] qutils-linux2...> 30-Aug-1997 20:00 7k [TXT] qutils-linux2.txt 30-Aug-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] qutils-sco-lin..> 10-Dec-1996 19:00 310k [TXT] qutils-sco-lin..> 10-Dec-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] qutils-sun-sol..> 03-Nov-1996 19:00 80k [TXT] qutils-sun-sol..> 03-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [TXT] qutils_fix100.txt 30-Jul-1999 20:00 3k [CMP] qutils_fix100.zip 30-Jul-1999 20:00 490k [TXT] qutilsdo.txt 04-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] qutilsdo.zip 04-Nov-1996 19:00 478k [TXT] qutl_os2.txt 28-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qutl_os2.zip 28-Sep-1996 20:00 127k [TXT] qwinlev.txt 04-May-1997 20:00 2k [CMP] qwinlev.zip 04-May-1997 20:00 1.0M [TXT] rvis1.txt 20-May-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] rvis1.zip 20-May-1997 20:00 35k [TXT] suckrad.txt 13-May-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] suckrad.zip 13-May-1997 20:00 90k [TXT] vileqbsp.txt 24-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] vileqbsp.zip 24-Sep-1996 20:00 220k [TXT] vis-d4gw.txt 06-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] vis-d4gw.zip 06-Nov-1996 19:00 141k [TXT] vis-ts.txt 06-Nov-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] vis-ts.zip 06-Nov-1996 19:00 59k [TXT] vislight.txt 16-Nov-1996 19:00 5k [CMP] vislight.zip 16-Nov-1996 19:00 45k [TXT] vispatch12.txt 22-Apr-1999 20:00 3k [CMP] vispatch12.zip 22-Apr-1999 20:00 40k [TXT] vistime.txt 01-Oct-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] vistime.zip 01-Oct-1996 20:00 192k [TXT] vistswin.txt 11-Nov-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] vistswin.zip 11-Nov-1996 19:00 41k [TXT] waterhack.txt 12-Jul-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] waterhack.zip 12-Jul-1997 20:00 17k [TXT] wbspi.txt 06-Nov-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] wbspi.zip 06-Nov-1997 19:00 9k [TXT] wml100.txt 20-May-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] wml100.zip 20-May-1997 20:00 36k [TXT] wooflite.txt 29-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] wooflite.zip 29-Sep-1996 20:00 36k