-= utils/quakec =-

Compilers/decompilers and other tools to manipulate Quake C.

Further documentation on Quake C is available from


Quake C patches are available from the 'quakec' directory.
      Name              Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 08-Jan-2016 06:25 - [TXT] acc-qc.txt 03-Apr-1997 19:00 4k [CMP] acc-qc.zip 03-Apr-1997 19:00 114k [TXT] advqcc.txt 27-Feb-1997 19:00 2k [CMP] advqcc.zip 27-Feb-1997 19:00 67k [TXT] clmqcc.txt 25-Oct-1997 20:00 1k [CMP] clmqcc.zip 25-Oct-1997 20:00 66k [TXT] dif_pat.txt 29-Nov-1996 19:00 4k [CMP] dif_pat.zip 29-Nov-1996 19:00 344k [TXT] dqlbeta3.txt 17-Oct-1996 20:00 9k [CMP] dqlbeta3.zip 17-Oct-1996 20:00 102k [CMP] fqcc-1.01.tar.gz 28-Jun-1997 20:00 456k [TXT] fqcc-1.01.txt 28-Jun-1997 20:00 4k [TXT] fqcc101.txt 28-Jun-1997 20:00 4k [CMP] fqcc101.zip 28-Jun-1997 20:00 492k [TXT] intro1.txt 25-Jun-1997 20:00 5k [CMP] intro1.zip 25-Jun-1997 20:00 83k [TXT] nowpatch.txt 08-Sep-1996 20:00 3k [CMP] nowpatch.zip 08-Sep-1996 20:00 257k [TXT] patv103.txt 05-Oct-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] patv103.zip 05-Oct-1996 20:00 432k [TXT] pmaster.txt 25-Jan-1998 19:00 3k [CMP] pmaster.zip 25-Jan-1998 19:00 7k [TXT] proqc160.txt 17-Jun-1997 20:00 9k [CMP] proqc160.zip 17-Jun-1997 20:00 87k [TAR] proqcc-160-fre..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 38k [TXT] proqcc-160-fre..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 9k [TAR] proqcc-160-lin..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 36k [TXT] proqcc-160-lin..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 9k [TXT] proqcc-160-os2..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 9k [CMP] proqcc-160-os2..> 26-Jul-1997 20:00 43k [TXT] qasm10.txt 20-Aug-1996 20:00 30k [CMP] qasm10.zip 20-Aug-1996 20:00 8k [TXT] qc106pac.txt 18-Nov-1996 19:00 1k [CMP] qc106pac.zip 18-Nov-1996 19:00 284k [TXT] qcape10.txt 30-Jul-1997 20:00 7k [CMP] qcape10.zip 30-Jul-1997 20:00 2.4M [CMP] qcc.tar.gz 24-Jul-1996 20:00 199k [TXT] qcc.txt 24-Jul-1996 20:00 3k [TXT] qccd_10.txt 20-May-1997 20:00 6k [CMP] qccd_10.zip 20-May-1997 20:00 26k [TXT] qccei.txt 15-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qccei.zip 15-Aug-1996 20:00 26k [TXT] qccwin32.txt 20-Aug-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qccwin32.zip 20-Aug-1996 20:00 39k [TXT] qcedit.txt 18-Nov-1996 19:00 7k [CMP] qcedit.zip 18-Nov-1996 19:00 74k [TXT] qcide080.txt 30-Apr-1997 20:00 9k [CMP] qcide080.zip 30-Apr-1997 20:00 240k [TXT] qcpl30.txt 25-Sep-1996 20:00 1k [CMP] qcpl30.zip 25-Sep-1996 20:00 31k [TXT] qcustom.txt 01-Dec-1996 19:00 18k [CMP] qcustom.zip 01-Dec-1996 19:00 158k [DIR] quark/ 24-Jun-2000 01:29 - [TXT] unqcc099.txt 24-Jul-1997 20:00 8k [CMP] unqcc099.zip 24-Jul-1997 20:00 191k