What is PageBuilder?

It's a perl script that processes a directory hierarchy on the FTP side at Gamers.Org and creates html files in a corresponding hierarchy on the WWW side.

These files are created from the README and .message files, and also include a standardized menu bar and footer, as well as links to subdirectories and other key info.

What areas at Gamers.Org use PageBuilder?

Currently, only one area has been done.

PageBuilder was used to copy and transform the 3D Action Gamers' FTP Archive into the 3D Action Gamers' Archive on the WWW side.

BTW, here's a link to the 3D Action Gamers' FTP Archive using http instead of ftp. You'll see the pages come up faster, usually.

How does PageBuilder work?

There are a number of components and processes involved:

What are the HTMLizing rules for converting text files?

Each text file contains sections separated by one or more blank lines. How each non-blank section is processed depends on the characteristics of the first line: While processing each section:

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PageBuilder is Copyright © 1996-2000 by Piotr Kapiszewski and John Van Essen