THE DALSTROM INSTITUE: A colony of scientists created by UAC for the purpose of gaining information on off world entities.

Current Project: Capture a xenomorph to study its possible use in a biological warfare situation.

You are a terraformer stationed at the base, your job is to stare all day at various gauges which never change except to tell you that it's time to quit. You'd heard that 7 days ago the men in white had captured a face hugger, and implanted it onto a calf. Apparently the thing had finally burst forth...

As you look down at your watch for the five millionth time today the lights suddenly flicker and go off, a few moments later the emergency lights come back on. At first nothing seems out of the ordinary, until you hear the crack of pulse rifles and grenade launchers...

You jump up and run through a nearby door in time to see an underdeveloped xenomorph jump into an air duct. All of the military grunts are trying to get off shots at it, but the scientists are screaming at them not to harm it.

3 days later: There is still no sign of the xenomorph or any of the 20 crew members it has killed so far. The scientists are still not letting anyone take shots at it, they think they can isolate it, more people are dying or disappearing every day.

5 days later: You wander the empty hallways of the Dalstrom Institute, the xenomorphs have been spawning out of control. The scientists are all dead, communications have been cut off, there is no way out except to get to a shuttle. You pick up a shotgun and cross your fingers...

Because in DoomSpace, no one gives a f*ck if you scream.

(Ok, the storyline isn't the best in the world, so sue me...)

DOOM, ALIENS, and other names are (tm) & (c) their respective owners. the DOOM ALIENS patch, PWAD, and GRAPHICS, are (tm) & (c) 1994 the Aliens Patch Crew, ALL Rights Reserved. (see docs for names of people)

Monster Graphics
Some Objects
Wall Textures
Level 8: David Lobser         

Levels 2-7
And Some Graphics: Mike Dickson

Level 1: David Matteson       

New Weapons
and Sky Texture: Dan S. Goldwater       dang+@CMU.EDU
                 Marc Gordon  

Dmadds: Bernd Kreimeier       
The themes/aliens/ area in the idgames archive contains the following files, plus much more aliens-related stuff:
   Size     Date      File
========= ======== ============
      267 Nov 1994 alientc0.txt - Aliens TC for original DOOM
  919,102 Nov 1994
  928,433 Nov 1994
   27,981 Nov 1994

   21,872 Nov 1994 doom2atc.txt - Aliens TC for DOOM II
2,103,009 Nov 1994

    1,775 Dec 1994 aliens22.txt - Aliens TC 2.0 
2,401,825 Dec 1994

      175 Apr 1995 alntc19.txt  - Aliens TC for DOOM 1.66 & 1.9
  970,769 Apr 1995
  982,498 Apr 1995

      431 Sep 1995 u_alntc.txt  - Aliens TC for Ultimate DOOM
  964,285 Sep 1995
  956,431 Sep 1995

Also, see Aliens Doom 3 by Michael Gummelt.

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