TrekDoom by Tom Spaulding and Grant Jacobs
NCC1701 by Ryan Polczer



Stardate 46154.2

Captain Picard recording:

The Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) has been attacked by aliens from a group called the Underworld Alliance. They surrounded the ship with a nebula-like energy cloud rendering our phasers and photons useless. A boarding party came aboard next. After a fierce firefight, the crew has been forced to abandon ship. We managed to shutdown the warp core prior to leaving the ship, however, I must accept responsibility for not initiating the self-destruct sequence before the Aliens gained control of the Engineering and Bridge sections. The ship is adrift in the Velera system.

Just before Lt. Commander Data departed the ship, he reported the aliens had begun to modify the ship, converting it to what he theorized was more like their homeworld. This was mainly in the lower decks and engineering compartments.

Starfleet has authorized the use of "whatever means necessary" to remove the aliens from the ship and regain control. A new group of elite Starfleet Commandos (THAT'S YOU) has just arrived and are going to attempt to retake the ship. If they are unble to, we will be forced to destroy the Enterprise.

Sensor analysis indicates the aliens are not vulnerable to phaser fire, but that they can be killed by more crude means, namely projectile weapons, rockets, and phased plasma energy patterned after the Ghym'Hadar. Due to the shielding placed by the aliens, transporting will be difficult. Chief O'Brien, just arrived from Deep Space Nine, states that inanimate objects may rematerialize in various parts of the ship. So, even if the Commandos are fully loaded, they may have to hunt for their weaponry once aboard the Enterprise.

The Commandos have one hour to retake the ship before I must order its destruction. Repeated efforts at communication haved failed and Counselor Troi has sensed only "pure evil" from the ship.

Good luck! And remember the clock is ticking!


Created by: Tom Spaulding and Grant Jacobs

We hope you enjoy the level. We may post some upgrades for sound and graphics in the future. For now...KICK ASS!

Please send comments to us at: and

Additional Credits:  id for Doom, Bill Neisius ( for
DoomGraph 1.1 and DmAudio 1.1, Colin Reed for Bsp1.2,
Brendon Wyber and Raphael Quinet for Deu 5.21gcc, 
Jens Hykkelbjerg: for rmb12.
Download the zip file or Read the txt file (from this mirror site).
Download the zip file or Read the txt file (from the primary archive).



Ncc1701.wad uses over 300 new bitmaps, 55 sound effects, and a dozen new level-maps to depict the look and feel of Star Trek (the original series and the Next Generation). This file will also replace the sprites for seven of the eight Doom2 weapons, as well as the "player 1" sprite, the "former human", "former sergeant", "chaingun soldier", and many of the items and scenery.

In creating this Star Trek theme for DOOM, my original "vision" was limited to simply recreating the Starships from the various TV shows, reproducing the look and feel of the shows using Bitmaps and Sound FX. I only created three different levels, and it has occurred to me that a crucial aspect of "Star Trek" is missing from my wadfile. (ie: the variety that comes with visiting a different planet each episode). It didn't seem enough for me to just re-create the various TV sets as "walk-throughs-with-monsters", without somehow addressing the "serial" nature of the Star Trek genre.

So, then I redesigned my WAD under the following premise: a small-sized version of the Enterprise could be created, and carried through from one level to the next, with different "level-maps" connected to the Enterprise via the transporter room. The player would become familiar with the Starship Enterprise after just a few levels, but the variety comes from having a different "adventure" connected to that same Starship on each level.

In this wad, the Enterprise changes very little from one level to the next, but in each level the "planet" is different; just go to the transporter room and "beam down" to the area of the map that DOES change from level to level.

In deathmatch games, the battles tend to center around the different "planet" areas; since the player will always rematerialize on the "ship", he/she can grab a few weapons & supplies before hitting the "transporter room" to rejoin the fight. (This adds a unique strategic element to the game as well, since players can be prepared before rejoining a dangerous situation.)

The Levels:

MAP01: "The Enterprise"
This is a homemade map of the "Original Series" Enterprise, complete with the Bridge, Sick bay, Engineering, and Transporter room. Intended as a large Deathmatch level, the exit is not hidden or protected by a key; but watch your step when you find it...
MAP02: "Standard Orbit"
In this map the Starship Enterprise from the previous level has been reduced to a very small version of the ship (limited to only the bridge and a single transporter room), which has been placed in "standard orbit" around a larger level-map. Use the transporter on the Enterprise to "beam down" to the main map for this level, a homemade deathmatch arena on a federation homeworld.
MAP03: "The Planet Khitomer"
In this map, the small-sized version of the starship Enterprise from the previous level is in "orbit" around a homemade level called "Khitomer". The different transporter pads on the Enterprise each lead to a different starting-point within the main map; this can affect your strategy for completeing the level once you beam down, so chose your destinations carefully...
MAP04: "The Other Enterprise"
In this level, you change starships: from the "Enterprise" to the "Enterprise-D". The small-sized version of the Enterprise from the previous levels is connected via transporter to a similar small-sized version of the Enterprise-D. The new map is limited to only "Deck 01": with just the bridge, ready room, observation lounge, and of course a transporter room. (The small-sized version of the "Enterprise-D" map was extracted from the complete version of the Enterprise-D found in level 05.)
MAP05: "The Enterprise-D"
My version of the Enterprise-D (including Ten Forward, the bridge, ready room, med lab, engineering, holodecks, dual transporter rooms, etc..) Although the layout of the hallways was not meant to be accurate, many of the individual rooms were based on set designs from the "Interactive Technical Manual".
MAP06: "Starbase 12"
This level contains a reworked version of the first map that I ever made for Doom2. "Deck 01" of the Enterprise-D (from map04) is here as well, connected to the main map via the transporter room as usual. This time, however, there is a hidden transporter on the planet that can beam you back to the Enterprise.
MAP07: "--Intermission--"
Out of respect for the folks at Id Software there IS no replacement included for map07. The original map07, "Dead Simple", is one of the best deathmatch levels ever written. Sit back and enjoy the original (or take the time to paste in your favorite Federation Starship and add a few transport destinations for yourself...) Also, this break in the wadfile serves to divide the levels according to author. All the previous levels have been created by my hand alone; the ones that follow will be my re-designed versions of other wads, which have been altered from their original release (they have been formatted to fit this theme).
MAP08: "Boothill.wad"
The "planet" in this level is based on Map01 of a wad called "boothill.wad" by Tim Ash, and is presented as a wild-west planet within the larger Star Trek theme. (The 24th-century areas of the map are homemade; the rest has been reworked from "boothill.wad")
MAP09: "The Holodeck"
This map is a wild-west holodeck-simulation; similar to the previous level, this map was based on Map02 & Map03 of "boothill.wad" by Tim Ash. (Again, the 24th-Century areas of the map are homemade; the rest is a reworked version of "Boothill").
MAP10: "Boothill (Reprise)"
This map has the Enterprise-D in "orbit" around Map04 of "Tim Ash's "Boothill.wad". Here again, the 24th-Century areas of the map are homemade; the rest is from "Boothill". NOTE: the exits in these three levels are hidden in the outhouses, and were designed to be a two-man operation. (One guy hits a switch and the other guy waits by the exit). If you run REAL fast though, you should be able to make it...
Map11 & 12: "Startrek.wad"
These two levels are basically two completely redesigned versions of the map from "startrek.wad" by K.Shellington & D.Noel. One has been made to resemble the Enterprise-D, the other is the "Original Series" ship; both have been embelished in their own way, and each made to be as different from the other as possible.
Map13: "Yesterday's Enterprise"
In this level, The Original Series Enterprise is presented as a badly damaged starship docked next to the Enterprise-D, in a similar scenario to the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise". Cross over from the Enterprise to the Enterprise-D using either the transporter or the airlock, but don't forget your spacesuit...
Download the zip file or Read the txt file (from this mirror site).
Download the zip file or Read the txt file (from the primary archive).

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