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I hope to have an updated list here at somepoint in the future.

There are a whole bunch of various useful tools that you can use to enhance your playing pleasure. Here are some of them by category.

All files were downloaded from the main Doom FTP site at Check here for a list of mirroring sites.

This is by no means a complete list. At the end of each category you'll find a reference to the directory these utilities came from. You might want to check that directory to see if a newer version has been released. We try our best to keep this archive updated, but hey, shit happens.

Level Editing:

The most commonly sought utilitiy for Doom or Heretic would be a level editor to write your own levels or modify existing ones. Some of these editors are for DOS, some for windows. Check also to make sure it edits Doom (D), Doom 2 (D2) and Heretic (H) levels.

See for more level editors.

Node/Reject/Blockmap Building:

After you've built your level, you might notice some HOM's or similar unwanted effects or just speed up your wad a little because the editor of your choice isn't 100 % efficient in this area.

See for more node/reject/blockmap builders.

Sound/Music Editing

Once you've grown bored of the sound and music of the game, you might want to add your own, or perhaps just extract them and use them elsewhere. Here are the tools you need...

See for more music and sound editing utils.

Graphics Editing

Editing the graphics to Doom and Heretic is a bit harder than merely adding new sound fx, but there are a number of programms available to make this as easy and yet powerfull as possible.

See for more graphic editing utils.

EXE Editing

Tools under this category directly modefy your .exe, thus introducing new features otherwise not possible by merely creating a new .wad file. It is highly recommended you backup you .exe before using any of these utilities.

See for more exe editing utils.

Wad Tools

Wad tools are mostly small command line utilities to maniupalte an existing .wad file in some way or another.

See for more wad tools.

Savegame Editing

In the very beginning, when cheat codes where unknown, external programms were used to increase your stats. Some of hese utils also increase the maximum amount of ammo you can carry e.g. or let you save more than 6 savegames at once.

See for more save file editing utils.

Network/Serial Play

To some, deathmatch and multiplayer play is the only reason they still play Doom or Heretic. Hence the variety of network frontends and serial drivers.

See for more network utils and for more serial play utils.


Some of these utils radomize object placement within an existing wad, others even create random levels of various qualities.

See for more randomizers.


When your .wad collection has grown or you if you deathmatch a lot of people and need to keep track of all of them, it's convenient to have a frontend that helps you quickly start Doom or Heretic with your favorite options.

See for more frontends.


Anything that didn't fit in the above categories can be found here. Among other things, lmp manipulators and level printing utils.

See for other misc Doom/Heretic utils.

Can't find a specific utility here? Is there an out of date version on this page? Let me know.

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