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This is the overview of all resources that are maintained under the Difference Engine label. The material here covers issues of programming and designing multi-participant virtual environments, e.g. for first person perspective networked games like Quake.

Three new sections added in April 1999: the Quake3 section to collect technical info on the Quake3 architecture, Quake 3 Suggestions, the archive of the May 1998 Q3suggest process at OpenQuake, and The id Files, a Java package intended for use with Q2/Q3 and conversions.

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    Naturally, web pages are always under construction. It is generally not a good idea to link to anything except the main directories and the respective index pages. However, this particular collection has proven to be reliably static since 1995 in many regards. Be afraid of the day when I finally clean out the attic, and enjoy while it lasts....

    Some pages are related to the web/net in general which might come handy to understand how this site is (supposed to be) organized. By far not all of the stuff available here has been written by myself. Please read the Copyright statement, and contact the respective author prior to any public use of documents provided here.

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