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Difference Engine Pages/Credits

As Michael Abrash pointed out, nobody ever achieves anything all by himself. Isaac Newton has been quoted expressing about the same. Thus here it is, the long overdue credits and acknowledgements page, in a futile attempt to pay due respect to all those that, knowingly or unknowingly, occasionally or frequently, willingly or unwillingly contributed to the mad pursuit that spawned, day by day, these web pages... all blunders, of course, being mine.

In no particular order I would like to mention: Matt Fell, Michael Schöne, Chris Laurel, Stig Venaas, John Wakelin, Arnt Gulbrandsen, Steve Benner, Joost Schuur, Piotr Kapiszewski, John Van Essen, Robert Forsman, Robert Fenske, Raphael Quinet, Olivier Montanuy, John Carmack, Michael Abrash, Dave Taylor, John Romero, Mark Feldman, Sean Barrett, David Lobser, Justin Fisher, Wiliam Doughty, Jelske Knoppenburg, Jean-Paul Reefs, Ian Ashdown, Derek Nickel, Chris Hecker, Rene Steiner, Torsten Wendt, and all the lot I forgot to mention...

Please take the time to pick one or two occasionally and take a look at their home pages. If you are on this list and want me to change or add a link, or if I actually overlooked somebody, please drop me a line.

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