"Prepare to meet thy doom." - Sean Barrett

Difference Engine DOOM Pages

You will find links to local and remote DOOM-related pages here. Note that this is not a DOOM page, it is a section dedicated to DOOM-style rendering, i.e. DOOM and its siblings. You will find mentioned here Philip Stephens' "WebView" as supported by IBM, and Chris Laurel's "wt" that has been used in a book by Christopher Watkins and Russell J. Berube, as well as our own r95 renderer.

Technical Publications on DOOM-style rendering

Unofficial DOOM Specs

The UnOfficial Quake Specs compiled by Matt Fell, and various additions by other authors.

DMADDS - Doom ADD Something

This has been my own contribution to DOOM, the very first tool that allowed for sprite replacement. This one has long since been replaced itself by more sophisticated tools, once the idea was introduced with the AliensDOOM project. See here for some more details.

While we are on the topic, another thing I have been throroughly involved with is the doom-editing mailing list, which Steve Benner and I maintained in 1995.

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