Java Utility Classes for Quake Engines
The "id Files" is a collection of files intended for projects that use Java for Quake-engine based games. It is set of utility classes bundled as the idfiles package. While the package is experimental in nature and not yet in a state that warrants a production release, it might be educational to look at the design. Review and feedback are much appreciated.
This is not an official id Software project or site. Contact maintainer b. kreimeier for details and problems. Last update: 21/04/1999. [b.]

The idfiles Package


A set of utility classes that provide OOP tools for tackling coding issues related to Quake-style games by id Software. Within the scope of this project are mathematical functions, lookup tables, geometry databases, procedural texturing and mipmapping methods, memory allocation and pooling, and GUI issues. In particular, I aim for providing Java classes that cleanly encapsulate single concepts from the Quake editing utilities or game DLL. The package will also include Java proxies for portable native code in C and C++.

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A minimal Java built environment: pure Java, self-contained, integrated utility code and minimal wrapper front ends, LGPL'ed/public domain code only. This is in a very early stage. Within the scope of this project is javad, a Java VM service, prox, a simple proposal for a platform-independend "executable property file" wrapper format, and iava, proposing an interpreted subset of Java as a scripting language for Makefiles and shell scripts.

Jinx was born out of necessity, and is meant as a support for building the id Files package. However, it addresses generic issues of seamlessly and efficiently using Java executables in native OS environments.

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Requirements: JDK 1.1.7.
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