Quake 3 Suggestions

The contents of these pages were created, in an outstanding cooperative effort, during several weeks in 1998. There were too many contributors to name. The process was hosted and supported by OpenQuake. The proposals were wrapped up and published for voting in May 1998. Quake 3 Suggestions was not the only attempt to compile a list of requests and proposals, but it was a very thorough one, and probably the most technical, in several cases touching on some of the fundamental issues of open multiplayer game engine architecture.

Consequently, the results were found valuable no only by id Software, but also by game developers from other companies. As some of the problems addressed in these proposals are neither game specific nor easily solved, and because some of the wishes are ahead of possibilities offered by technology or envisioned by traded designs, the results of the cooperative effort were added to this archive in April 1999. It is possible that, at some point in the future, the forum will be re-opened and the discussion will be continued.

The Quake 3 Suggestions process as well as OpenQuake itself inspired various activities and spawned other projects. For one of the most notable venues originally opened at OpenQuake, see Q2Java.

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