The proposals were created during the 5 weeks in discussions on the quake-coding and q3suggest mailing lists. They are more or less lengthy, more or less detailed, more or less subtle, important, sophisticaded, but all of them are considered important by the participants. We also collected shorter and more general suggestions as wishes. Some of the proposals might was well be added to the Wishlist, while some of the wishes might have turned into proposals, given more time or knowledge.

Each proposal lists a contact person. By no means this implies that that particular person is the first one, or only one, to come up with that proposal, and that the proposal does not contain significant contributions from others. For all practical purposes, the participants in the discussion, that is, the subscribers to the mailing lists above, have to be given credit for the results accomplished. This is a cooperative effort, and would not work otherwise. In many cases, somebody posted a suggestion, somebody else replied with an improvement, and a third person picked it up and wrote it down.

However, the final preparation involved some sorting and copy-editing that had to be done here at OpenQuake. It is possible that some decisions were not optimal, some changes applied introduced errors or misunderstandings. In each case, it is neither the contact person nor the contributors to blame for mistakes added in the final preparation, be it content or layout.