Quake Documentation Project


from August 25th, for about two months.


What is the QDP?

The Quake Documentation Project (QDP) is inspired by the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) and the Linux HOWTO's. The idea is to collect a set of documents that gradually develop into a comprehensive documentation and manual. The areas to cover are all technical aspects of Quake, except actual gameplay, e.g.

but not gameplay or secrets.

Who is available?

Currently, the QDP is simply a collection of files that have been written by several authors including myself. There are local copies provided with permission. The following files are available:

Networking issues are not yet covered, but a lot of info can be found in the DEM specs. Some documents contain redundant or outdated infos, but this will change hopefully soon.

How to contribute?

Feel free to contact me and drop me an URL, or send me a file. The rules are simple: this site is done using an intentionally simple and plain style, i.e. the HTML should work with most of the browsers out there, and the bandwidth requirements should be as low as possible. I will simply add a header and a footer, and change the background color. If you are maintaining the document separately, I will include a link to the home site as well, if it is not already in the document.

Copyright Issues

Each contributor to the QDP retains the copyright to his work. I simple need a non-exclusive permission to maintain the local copy. All the stuff on this site is considered copyrighted, and any use except private use is supposed to require permission by the author. Even if you do not care about copyright issues, I strongly recommend these restrictions.


Sooner or later I will rewrite the primer and other documents using Linuxdoc-SGML. More to come...

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