Quake Console Commands
by Niklata

The latest version of the Quake Console Commands List is available at Niklata's Technical Resources.

Here's the most comprehensive list of Quake console commands that I know of. I've browsed through QUAKE.EXE Shareware 1.00 and have dug out as many commands as I can find :). I've also included the documented commands so that you can have a single index of every Quake command you could possibly want.

Table of Contents

1.1: Client Movement Commands
1.2: Mouse-Specific Commands
1.3: v_ Commands
1.4: Standard Quake Variables
1.5: Standard Console Commands
1.6: CD-Specific Commands
1.7: Video Mode Commands
1.8: Technical Graphics Commands
1.9: Ambient Sound Commands
1.10: Sound Control Commands
1.11: Screen-Related Commands
1.12: Console Commands
1.13: Host Commands
1.14: Dedicated Server Commands
1.15: Network Commands
1.16: Menu-Related Commands
1.17: COM Port Commands
1.18: MIP-Texture-Related Commands
1.19: Movement Control Commands
1.20: Environment Commands

1.1 Client Movement Commands

cl_rollspeed  - adjusts amount of screen rolling when moving forwards and turning
cl_rollangle  - adjusts the angle that the screen rolls towards when moving
cl_bob <1|0> - if zero, then no weapon bobbing
cl_bobcycle  - adjusts time between each bob
cl_bobup  - adjusts amount that the weapon bobs
cl_forwardspeed  - adjusts maximum forwards speed
cl_backspeed  - adjusts maximum backwards speed
cl_upspeed  - adjusts maximum move up/down speed
cl_sidespeed  - adjusts maximum strafe speed
cl_movespeedkey  - adjusts maximum run speed
cl_pitchspeed  - ??
cl_anglespeedkey  - ??
cl_nolerp <1|0> - ??

_cl_name  - changes player name
_cl_color  - changes player color
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1.2 Mouse-Specific Commands

m_pitch  - adjusts look up/down sensitivity of mouse
m_yaw  - adjusts turn side/side sensitivity of mouse
m_forward  - adjusts forward/back sensitivity of mouse
m_side  - adjusts strafe left/right sensitivity of mouse
m_filter <1|0> - ??
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1.3v_ Commands

v_kickroll  - ??
v_kickpitch  - ??
v_iyaw_cycle  - ??
v_iroll_cycle  - ??
v_ipitch_cycle  - ??
v_iyaw_level  - ??
v_ipitch_level  - ??
v_idlescale  - ??
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1.4 Standard Quake Variables

crosshair <1|0> - toggles display of crosshair
showturtle <1|0> - turtle never displayed if zero
showram <1|0> - low ram never displayed if zero
showpause <1|0> - pause box not displayed if zero
bgmvolume  - sets background music volume
gamma  - sets gamma correction level (screen brightness)
sensitivity  - sets mouse sensitivity
volume  - sets sound fx music volume
lookspring <1|0> - centers view after jump
lookstrafe <1|0> - centers view after strafe
noexit <1|0> - if one then no one can exit the level
skill  - sets skill level (0 == easy, 1 == normal, 2 == hard, 3 == nightmare)
deathmatch <1|0> - if one, deathmatch mode; if two, old deathmatch mode
coop <1|0> - if one, cooperative mode
pausable <1|0> - if zero, game cannot be paused
fraglimit  - when fraglimit is reached in deathmatch, game ends with end screen
hostname  - name of the server
maxplayers  - maximum number of players allowed on server
registered <1|0> - if registered == 1 then "trigger_registered" triggers function.
name  - name of the player (client)
listen <1|0> - if one, listens for clients wanting to join the game
joystick <1|0> - zero means no joystick support
joybuttons  - number of buttons on joystick
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1.5 Standard Console Commands

alias  - assigns a list of commands to a console command (a macro)
bf - flashes the screen
bind  - binds a command to a key
unbind  - unbinds the command from a key
unbindall - unbinds all custom bindings
save  - saves game
load  - loads game
screenshot - takes a screenshot
sizeup - sizes the screen up by one
sizedown - sizes the screen down by one
status - displays status info
quit - quits the game
god - toggles invincibility
notarget - toggles "monsters can't see you" mode
fly - toggles fly mode
map  - starts a new server in a map
restart - restarts the server
changelevel  - changes maps without terminating the server
connect  - connects to a server
reconnect  - reconnects to a server
spawn - will not work from the console
slist - shows all currently running servers accessible
begin - will not work from the console
prespawn - will not work from the console
kick  - kicks someone out of the game
ping - returns lag times from all players
give   - gives you a weapon or item
impulse  - switches/toggles weapons; 9 all weapons; -1 quad damage
startdemos  - starts a demo loop
noclip - toggles no clipping mode
name  - changes the client name
version - displays Quake version information
say  - says something to all players
say_team  - says something to all players on your team
tell   - says a message to just one player
color   - changes color of the player
kill  - kills a player
sbinfo - displays sound card information
soundinfo - displays portable sound information
pause - pauses the game
demos - starts game's demo loop
stopdemo - stops a demo's playback
playdemo  - plays back a demo
timedemo  - plays back a demo and times its duration
timerefresh - times the FPS of a scene
viewmodel - ??
viewframe - ??
viewnext - ??
viewprev - ??
help - brings up the Quake help screen
togglemenu - brings the menu up
toggleconsole - brings the console up
clear - clears the console backscroll
messagemode - puts up the "say:" prompt
messagemode2 - puts up the "say:" prompt
exec  - runs a cfg file
echo  - echos a message to the screen
cmd  - executes a QuakeC script?
stuffcmds - ??
wait - pauses between commands
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1.6 CD-Specific Commands

cd on - re-enables the CD subsystem
cd off - disables the CD subsystem
cd reset - causes CD subsystem to reinitalize; useful if you changed CDs
cd play  - plays the specified track
cd loop  - keeps playing the specified track
cd stop - stops playing the current track
cd resume - resumes playback from a stop
cd eject - ejects the CD
cd remap   ... - remaps CD tracks so 1st track is track one.. etc..
cd info - reports information on the CD
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1.7 Video Mode Commands

vid_mode  - changes the video mode
vid_describemodes - tells all video modes Quake can use
vid_describecurrentmode - describes video mode Quake is currently in
vid_describemode  - tells the mode Quake is currently running at
vid_testmode  - tests a video mode
vid_nummodes - tells total number of modes available to Quake
vid_nopageflip <1|0> - if zero, then page-flipped modes are selected whenever possible
vid_wait  - 0: no wait 1: wait/vertical sync active 2: wait/display enable active

_vid_wait_override <1|0> - if one, forces vertical sync wait in all modes
_vid_default_mode  - specifies default startup video mode
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1.8 Technical Graphics Commands

r_drawflat <1|0> - if one then textures are not drawn
r_fullbright <1|0> - if one then everything is drawn at maximum light level
r_ambient  - adjusts ambient light level
r_speeds <1|0> - shows speed of screen redraws/shows number of polygons
r_timegraph <1|0> - toggles display of graph showing time to draw screen
r_graphheight  - adjusts height of graph
r_clearcolor  - changes transparency color
r_waterwarp <1|0> - if zero then there is no wave effect while under water
r_drawentities <1|0> - if zero then entities are not drawn
r_polymodelstats <1|0> - displays number of polygon models shown
r_dspeeds <1|0> - displays speeds of some sort
r_reportsurfout  - ??
r_aliastransadj  - ??
r_aliastransbase  - ??
r_maxsurfs  - sets maximum number of brush planes to be displayed at a time
r_numsurfs <1|0> - shows number of brush planes displayed at a time
r_reportedgeout  - ??
r_maxedges  - sets maximum number of edges to be displayed at a time
r_numedges <1|0> -  shows number of edges displayed at a time

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1.9 Ambient Sound Commands

ambient_level  - adjusts volume of ambient sounds
ambient_fade  - adjusts level of fading for ambient sounds

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1.10 Sound Control Commands

snd_noextraupdate <1|0> - messes up sounds; may speed up slower computers
snd_show <1|0> - shows all playing sounds

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1.11 Screen-Related Commands

scr_conspeed  - speed at which console pulls down
scr_centertime - ??
scr_printspeed - ??
scr_ofsx  - adjusts viewpoint x offset
scr_ofsy  - adjusts viewpoint y offset
scr_ofsz  - adjusts viewpoint z offset

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1.12 Console Commands

con_notifytime - ??

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1.13 Host Commands

host_framerate  - wierd command.. messes up if one
host_speeds <1|0> - shows total time spent on frame, server, graphics, and sound.

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1.14 Dedicated Server Commands

sys_ticrate  - adjusts rate of updates sent out per second (dedicated server only)

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1.15 Network Commands

net_messagetimeout  - time with no response before Quake assumes connection is dead
net_stats - displays network information

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1.16 Menu-Related Commands

menu_main - pulls up main menu
menu_singleplayer - pulls up single player menu
menu_load - pulls up load game menu
menu_save - pulls up save game menu
menu_multiplayer - pulls up multiplayer menu
menu_setup - pulls up multiplayer setup menu
menu_options - pulls up general options menu
menu_keys - pulls up customize keys menu
menu_video - pulls up change video mode menu

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1.17 COM Port Commands

com1 / com2 - displays com port status
com#  - enables or disables com port
com#  - select modem if using a modem; select direct if null modem
com# reset - resets settings back to normal
com# port <#> - sets port to #
com# irq <#> - sets irq to #
com# baud <#> - sets baud to #
com# <8250|16550> - selects UART type
com# clear  - selects clear modem command string
com# startup  - selects startup modem command string
com# shutdown  - selects shutdown modem command string
com# <-cts|+cts> - enables/disables CTS
com# <-dsr|+dsr> - enables/disables DSR
com# <-cd|+cd> - enables/disables carrier detection

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1.18 MIP-Texture-Related Commands

d_subdiv16 <1|0> - if zero, perspective correction is done more precisely
d_mipcap <1|0> - if one, forces use of non-detailed mip textures
d_mipscale <1|0> - if zero, forces use of max detail mip textures

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1.19 Movement Control Commands

+moveup - moves up
+klook - keyboard look toggle
+mlook - mouse look toggle
+lookdown - looks down
+lookup - looks up
+strafe - strafe toggle
+moveleft - strafes to the left
+moveright - strafes to the right
+speed - run toggle
+right - turns right
+left - turns left
+back - moves back
+forward - moves forward
+jump - jumps
+attack - attacks
+use - uses object
+impulse 10 - cycles through weapons

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1.20 Environment Commands

sv_aim  - adjusts amount of auto-aiming
sv_friction  - friction
sv_stopspeed  - stopping speed
sv_gravity  - adjusts amount of gravity
sv_maxvelocity  - maximum speed allowed
sv_nostep <1|0> - enables/disables walking up steps
sv_idealpitchscale  - ??
sv_maxspeed  - ??
sv_accelerate  - adjusts rate of acceleration

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