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16550 selects the 16550 uart
8250 selects the 8250 uart
<-/+>cts sets "clear to send"
<-/+>d sets "carrier detect"
<-/+>dsr sets "data set ready"
alias xxx "cmd" create a new command [e.g. xxx] that is an alias for a list of commands
answer selects answer the phone/server mode
baud n sets the baud rate to n
bf background flash of light
bind key command[s] assign a command to a key press. Here are the non-alphanumeric keys: [Note: must be uppercase!]


Here are the current action commands:

+attack, +jump, +forward, +back, +speed, +moveleft, +moveright, +strafe, +mlook, +lookup, +lookdown, +left, +right, +showscores, +moveup, +movedown, +forward2

Example: to set the "g" key to jump, you would type "bind g +jump". Any key that can't be typed must use an explicit key name as listed above. An example of this would be to set the CTRL key to strafe left, you would type "bind K_CTRL +moveleft".

cl_anglespeedkey unknown
cl_backspeed n 160 sets the backwards speed. Maximum is current value of sv_maxspeed.
cl_bob unknown
cl_bobcycle unknown
cl_bobup unknown
cl_forwardspeed n 200 sets the forward speed. Maximum is current value of sv_maxspeed.
cl_movespeedkey unknown
cl_nolerp unknown
cl_pitchcenterspeed unknown
cl_pitchdriftspeed unknown
cl_pitchspeed n 100 vertical rotation rate (degrees/sec?) when you hit A and Z
cl_rollangle n 2 bank angle when you are running and decide to turn. The maximum is about 25; any higher and the sidestepping bank goes completely nuts
cl_rollspeed unknown
cl_shownet n unknown
cl_sidespeed n 320 sets the sidewards speed. Maximum is current value of sv_maxspeed.
cl_ticrate n unknown
cl_upspeed n unknown
cl_yawspeed n 140 turn rate
clear clear the console
cmd unknown
color top [bottom] sets the color of your shirt and pants. If only one number is specified, both pants and shirt are set to that color.
com1 settings for COM1
com2 settings for COM2
connect connects to a server
d_adrawflat Draws your weapon in a flat colour
d_showsubdiv unknown
decimate_sfx set sound decimation -- used to reduce cached sound sampling rates
decimate_sfx_speed maximum sampling rate of decimated sounds
decimate_sfx_width set the maximum decimation bit width to 8 or 16
dial selects client mode
disable turns off the com port
disconnect disconnect from the server and end the session
echo echo to the console
edict echo info on an edict
edictcount displays some debugging info?
edicts list all edicts
enable turns on the com port
entities Show Coordinates of object entities
exec process a command file
fly toggle fly mode. Use 'd' for up and 'c' for down.
fov n 20 Field Of View in degrees -- must change the size of the display using "-" or "=" for it to come into effect [bug]
fraglimit n 20 sets the fraglimit of the game.
gamma n 1.0 sets the gamma correction, usually in the range 0.0 to 2.0. Less than one makes the screen brighter, grater than one makes the screen darker.
god toggle god mode
grabnextsnd unknown
grabnextsound unknown
host_framerate n 0 changes the speed of the game on the server. Valid range is [ 0 - 0.01 ]. To go slower, use "0.01".
host_linerefresh unknown
host_speeds 0/1 toggle display of host speed
hostname name ??? set the server's name
impulse0 does nothing for now
impulse1 shotgun
impulse2 super shotgun
impulse3 nailgun
impulse4 chain nailgun
impulse5 grenade launcher
impulse6 rocket launcher
impulse7 lightning (not available in test1 release)
impulse8 chain lightning (not available in test1 release)
impulse9 get all weapons and max ammo
irq n sets the com ports interrupt to n
kill restarts the level
killserver kills the server and ends the game
lookspring set the freelook centering rate
map load a map and start a game
messagemode start entering a message
mouse1 assign a string to execute for mouse button 1
mouse2 assign a string to execute for mouse button 2
mouse3 assign a string to execute for mouse button 3
name string player sets your name that other players see
net_messagetimeout sets the timeout value
net_nakgracetime unknown
net_packettimeout unknown
net_speeds toggles displaying network diagnostics
net_stats displays network stats
no do not accept the licensing agreement. Prevents Quake from running.
noclip toggle noclip mode. Similar to flying: use 'd' to go up and 'c' to go down.
nosound toggle sound off and on
notarget toggles autotarget mode off and on
numchannels echo number of sound channels
pausable 0/1 toggle whether the game is pausable or not.
pause pause the game
play play a sound at 100% volume
playvol plays a sound at a specified volume
pointfile Crashes badly
port n sets the com ports port address to n
profile Profile of current character stats (not what you think)
progrestart restarts the map
quit exit quake
r_aliasstats toggles a debugging display
r_clearcolor [0-255] 2 sets the deadspace color.
r_cshift unknown
r_dmabuf unknown
r_drawentities unknown
r_drawflat 0/1 toggle texture mapping off/on
r_draworder Same as F3 F4, view BSP order forward/reverse (debugging)
r_dspeeds toggles a debugging display
r_edgecount toggles a debugging display
r_fullbright toggles making the light level of the entire map the same
r_graphheight sets the height for r_timegraph
r_showpolys toggles edge lines
r_showverts unknown
r_speeds 0/1 Turn display of drawing speed off/on
r_timegraph toggles a bargraph on the screen
r_wave toggles the wavy underwater mode
record records a demo
reset resets the com port
restart restarts the map
rmsr Crashes
savesnd caches a sound and saves it in raw format
say lets you talk [type]
sbinfo Reports current SoundBlaster Settings
scr_colorcon unknown
scr_conspeed n changes the speed of console scroll up/down. n can go as high as at least 3000 [that's what Romero uses]
scr_ofsx unknown
scr_ofsy unknown
scr_ofsz unknown
scr_showcachethrash unknown
scr_xparcon unknown
screenshot takes a PCX screen snapshot, named "quakeN.pcx", where N increases from 1. Only seems to work for 320x200 [i.e. vid_mode 0].
sensitivity sets the mouse sensitivity
sfx_asynch can disable sounds?
shutdown sets the modem shutdown string
sizedown shrinks the screen
sizeup enlarges the screen
slist lists the servers
snd_timing unknown
sound some sort of sound control
soundinfo tells some info about the sounds
soundlist lists all the cached sounds
spawn unknown
startup sets the modem startup string
status displays status abuout the game in progress
stopsound unknown
stuffcmds unknown
sv_accelerate unknown
sv_aim n AutoAiming factor. 1 may disable autoaim (not sure).
With 0 you can hit your target at tremendous angles... you don't even need to see them. (negative parameters?)
sv_friction n 4 controls how fast you skid to a stop, i.e. some coefficient of kinetic friction. It seems internally as if there is a coefficient of static friction which determines how good walking around is, and this depends on how much weight you have, i.e. the sv_gravity setting. Perhaps there is an as-yet-unknown command to control this extra coefficient?

This also accepts a negative value, means that you accelerate in the dirction you're facing every time you make a small movement... Could be very useful to implement some new kind of stupid power-up in Quake, like, say, Super Skating Boots. Just set sv_friction to -4 and up the speed a bit... this could make for some incredibly furious and hylarious deathmatch in open areas.

sv_gravity 800 sets the gravity. "200" makes for interesting play, since you can jump up about one level. You can also jump clear across the Round Hill Room on the top level. Zero gravity makes for fun grenade launching, like a ping-pong ball. Gravity can be negative, very large (our landings and the grenade does odd things). When gravity is low, motion becomes difficult and erratic. See also sv_friction, above.
sv_idealpitchscale Changes your pitch when strafing.
sv_maxspeed n 320 set the maximum player running speed.
sv_maxvelocity n sets your maximum velocity?
sv_nostep Prevents you from climbing any change in floor height.
sv_stopspeed n Sets the stopping threshold. The lower the value, the more smoothly you'll come to a stop.
sys_nostdout unknown
sys_ticrate unknown
teamplay n 0 If set to non-zero, players with matching colors cannot hurt each other. Only armor points are affected when a player of a certain color attacks another player of the same color.
temp1 n unknown variable
timelimit n sets the timelimit of the game
timerefresh spins around and gives you the framerate
toggleconsole turns the console display on/off
v_kickpitch unknown
v_kickroll unknown
v_kicktime unknown
version Compile date and version info on Quake
vid_describecurrentmode discribes the current video mode
vid_describemode discribes a videomode
vid_describemodes Describes available video modes
vid_mode n Sets a video mode from those available (see vid_describenodes, above). 'vid_mode 10' gives highest non-VESA resolution.
vid_nummodes reports the number of video modes
vid_testmode selects a video mode for 5 seconds and then returns to the current video mode [good for testing video modes that may render the screen unreadable].
vid_wait unknown
viewsize unknown
yes accepts the license aggrement

If you enter some of these with no parameters you will get text back showing their default parameters...this can be helpful when playing with some of the SV_ commands


Okay, in order to see the beasties, you need a Hex editor. I use Hedit for Win 95-- works great.

The monsters available are...

The last one is a "blank" version of you. It's a soldier without texture. The shambler is the cool looking and fires lightning, the tarbaby is pretty retarded. Looks like a turd out to get you.

So far the dragon crashes the game as soon as he moves. I'll probably have to try him in map three in an open space, like the hill.

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