Terminator Bot for Quake

Version 0.9 (bug fix)

by Olivier.Montanuy@wanadoo.fr

(This page 100% free from any French words)

What is this Bot thing?

Get Quake Now This Terminator bot is an automatic player for the game Quake, by id software.
If you don't know what Quake is, return to your home galaxy.

This bot is named Terminator because it tries to mimick the internal display of a Terminator (as popularised in the movies by James Cameron). Alright, it's not a very good immitation, but the Quake client wasn't really designed for that kind of hacks, so please be a bit tolerant.

Changes since version 0.8

Not much, mostly bug fixes. The bug that plagged the Unix/Linux/WindozeNT version seems dead. 
You can now customise the name and color of the bot, andin automatic mode, the bot will try to reconnect every minute (in case the server goes down).

What the heck does it do?

Simply put, it's a C program that can run on almost any PC or workstation, and that implements a fake Quake client. Note: this is not yet another Quake-C bot that sucks valuable CPU time from a Quake server. It is a totally independant program.

There are basically two modes of operation:

Automatic mode

Proxy mode

Supported configurations

This program is meant to be run on a local network or on the Internet. You will always need some kind of TCP/IP configuration, even if both the Quake server and the bot are on the same machine.
That means you can play the bot with either:

Do not try to use this bot over IPX networks, or over a direct modem link connection, it will not work. That's because I've no idea how IPX works, and my own LAN runs under TCP/IP.
Do not try this program under DOS, because... I've no idea how one can use TCP/IP under DOS.

Normally, you will first start a Quake server with either Q95.BAT (with the Mpath TCP/IP emulation) or WINDED.EXE. This server should be situated on a machine different from the one that will be used for the bot program itself. The server should be at least a Pentium-class machine, but the bot's machine can be a mere 486DX -- it's probably the only way to play Quake on a 486 ;-)

It is possible to run the Quake server and this program on a single machine. But this is not recommended, because Quake accepts only one player per machine. I'm sorry my bot doesn't run on a DOS-only single machine, but remember we are talking deathmatch here. No one plays alone anymore these days.

Okay, I wanna get my fix

Release File Explanations
bot.txt A readme file, with detailed explanations.
Bot v0.9 trmbot09.zip A ZIP file, containing the executable for Windows95 only.
Bot v0.9 trmbot09.tgz A ZIP file, containing the executable for SUN O/S, AIX and Linux.
Source code
version 0.8
The source code of the thing. Most comments are still missing.


Bad Joke The recommended operating system for this bot is of course Linux, or maybe FreeBSD. I used to develop this program for Windows95 or NT, but since Linux now support the Millenium, I can say bye bye Windoze!

The source code compiles under Linux, Windows 95, SUN O/S, Solaris, AIX 3.2, and probably FreeBSD. It should also compile and run fine under Windows NT. It cannot run under DOS.


Best wishes to all other Bot makers out there. Enjoy the bugs in the above mentionned network protocol!

Useful Links

Unofficial Quake
Specifications 3.4

Sunsite (UK)
Local file
Describes quite a few things in Quake. Chapter 8 is dedicated to the Quake network protocol.You will also need the DEM specifications (whose infos are not duplicated)
Liepzig (Germany) By Uwe Girlish and others. A description of the Demo files, whose messages happen to be the same as those sent by a Quake server to it's clients.
Home page
Unc.edu (USA) By Jim Rorie and his friends. A Quake client bot written in C++, for Windows 95 and NT, which looks simpler and easier to understand than my own bot.
This site also contains lots of details about Quake bots, and what they can do.
It also contains an alternate network protocol specification.
The Aesir
Finland The Playmate project, from Clan Aesir. Probably the first client bot published.
Clan Cthugtha
Home page
Australia By Zaph(?). Another Quake client bot, currently under development.
Quake Bots
Home Page
Stomped (USA) A page dedicated to all kind of Quake bots (client bots, or Quake-C bots).
The Lair
of the bots
Calgary (Canada) The list of all existing Quake bots.


The name Terminator is (probably) registered by some guy in a white limo, and this is not a cheap attempt to deny him any copyright. Poor dude really needs all this money , be it only to feed the limo. This is just a parody.